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HC’s Spring Break Survival Kit

Spring Break 2014 is finally here!!! If you are anything like me, the last week or so (i.e., midterm week) was a bit of a struggle. And like you, here at HC Boise State we get by with a little help from our friends.

The HC Spring Break survival kit is all about the supplies you need to prep for and recuperate from Spring Break 2014. Thank you to all our sponsors for the goodies. Want in on the fun? Join Her Campus Boise State and check out the exclusive HC deals below.

Here’s the break down: 

Neuro Sleep

Not just an energy drink! Our fav energy drink brand just released a line of beverages full of sleepytime nutrients including melatonin and magnesium. What’s the big idea? A good night of sleep is just the thing to recover after (or during) Spring Break 2014! Do you need some SLEEP? Visit SLEEPwithneuro.com for a free bottle! At only 35 calories, this delicious beverage is the perfect way to wind down after a busy week of beachy fun– in tropical flavors like Mellow Mango, no less. Still not convinced? Neil Patrick Harris knows whats up. 


Sun and saltwater can really take the smooth out of your hair. Use TRESemmé’s 7 Day Keratin Smooth System for up to 7 days of salon-perfect and SMOOTH hair. For optimum results, wash with 7 Day Keratin Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner, and then apply the 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment. Blow dry and flat iron in small sections to keep frizz out of your vacation plans. Need more hair-spiration? TRESemmé has you covered! 


Yum. Need I say more? Everyone loves Chipotle. Turns out everyone’s favorite Mexican grill is also a good citizen of the world. Check out Chipotle’s original series, Farmed and Dangerous on Hulu to find out about the ridiculous and unsustainable practices in US agribusiness. Tell us what you think! Email katiemeikle@hercampus.com with your reaction to the series for a chance to receive a FREE Chipotle t-shirt.


ZOTOS‘ revolutionary Biotera Ultra Color Care 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner will streamline your hair care routine with spectacular results. Dry hair and color damage are a constant collegiette hazard. In one step, however, you can begin to reverse the damage; Biotera Ultra Color Care is shampoo, conditioner, deep conditoiner, leave-in detangler, and shine treatment, all in one. Simply massage Biotera Ultra Color Care through wet hair. Let it enfuse in your hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Don’t forget to comment on the ZOTOS Professional Handbook Page and use #Biotera on Twitter to share your experience with the Biotera difference! 

European Wax Center

Smooth and sexy skin are a spring break MUST. EWC has you covered, with luxurious waxes at college student-friendly prices. Work it, girl. Find a location near you.

Yokini Swimwear

Rep your school, no matter where you end up for break! Yokini‘s yoga-inspired swimwear will flatter your body in all the right ways. Get 20% off and FREE lettering on a pair of fold-over swimsuit bottoms using the HC-exclusive discount code: HC99. Learn more about the Yokini perfect fit here:

There you have it, collegiettes! We wish you a happy Spring Break 2014 and a smooth recovery ;) HCxo! 

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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Katie Meikle, also known as Meeks, Meikle or Pumpkin, is a junior and transfer student from Tufts University in Boston, currently studying health sciences at Boise State. Although a Boise native, Katie spent her entire high school career overseas, split between Japan and Taiwan. Katie's writing interests include fashion, healthy eating, mixology, and campus cuties... of course! She loves the great outdoors, traveling, her two dogs, Lexi and Hobbs, days at the beach, walks on sunny days, and her mom's cooking. Favorite quote: don't be a drag, just be a queen.
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