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HC Approved: Angelo Papapavlos

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Boise State chapter.

This week, Her Campus Boise State interviewed someone very near and dear to our hearts as our latest Campus Celebrity.

Angelo Papapavlos is a former Her Campus Boise State contributer, and is now taking a semester off from Boise State and going out into the real working world… sigh.

Angelo is a role model for students everywhere because of his incredible personal drive and commitment to finding your passion in life, whatever it takes. We love his positive vibes and his personal mission; Angelo is comitted to inspiring others to follow up their passions with affirmative action. You’ve seen some of the incredible work he has done at the Get Involved & Leadership Center AND Her Campus Boise State (go us!), among other things.

Angelo’s latest project is an independent blogging enterprise that launched just this past week, entitled #GreekApproved (homage to his Greek heritage). Angelo gave us the deets on his blog and his passion for social media in an exclusive HC interview, below. 

Quick facts:

Age: 19.

Birthplace: Pocatello, ID.

Major: Life.

Favorite hobby: Social media.

Favorite color: Greek Blue.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip.

HC Boise State: Darling Angelo! While we miss you here at Boise State (especially in the Her Campus department), I think I speak for everyone who is anyone on campus that we are desperate to know how you are doing and what you are up to these days! First of all, can you tell us what made you decide to take the semester off?

Angelo Papapavlos: Katie, you’re gorgeous – I miss you, the HC team and Boise State dearly! I ultimately left Boise State because I have a hard time focusing on academics. I need some time to reevaluate what I want to do professionally. After months and months of therapy, drugs, and reflection, Information Technology Management (ITM) just doesn’t seem like the right degree for me. I love technology and consider myself a social media aficionado, but sometimes this type of natural ability just isn’t enough for the soul.

HC: Tell us about where you are currently working? Any advice for Boise State students on how to market yourself (and your personal brand)… and for getting a job?

AP: I’m currently working as a Junior Web Producer for Micron Technology. This is my chance to test the waters while I take a break from school. Here’s my advice: be nice to people. It’s literally all about connections. By treating people right, not only will you make amazing friends and connections, you’ll smile a lot more – boosting everyone’s happiness in the process! As far as your personal brand goes, I recommend knowing your audience and staying consistent, but being willing to change when things don’t work out. Always remember: someone’s watching your online presence, so keep it [as] clean [as possible].

HC: Tell us a little bit about your blogging enterprise (#GreekApproved, for the uninitiated) and what social media means to you!

AP: I use social media as an educational resource. I love learning lessons. To me, social media is a portal to lessons happening at every minute – on a global scale. After noticing a lot of negativity on social networks, I decided to create the concept “Greek Approved” to represent positive ideas that I like. The purpose of my blog is to talk about technology, people, strategy and health ideas that interest me: #ANGELO the Greek. This in turn supports the development of my personal brand.

HC: What is the personal significance of the hashtag #GreekApproved to you?

AP: As I find things that inspire me on social media, I tag them #GreekApproved. Not only does this remind me to create action out of inspiration, but I hope it also inspires others to pursue their own passions. We’re here for a limited time. We’re here to learn. There’s no sense in wasting any of our precious moments on energy that makes us feel regret, fear or anxiety. #GreekApproved is a reminder to follow your heart.

HC: Pick three words to describe yourself.

AP: Passionate, kind, manic.

HC: What is your greatest drive/passion?

AP: My greatest drive is the ability to produce a smile. :D You know that feeling you get when someone makes your day? Inducing that feeling in others seems to be my sole purpose. It’s what fuels my journey and adds to my happiness.

HC: If you had to give advice to Boise State students on finding THEIR personal drive/passion, what would it be?

AP: Look at life as an experience. Live in the moment, learn lessons then take time to reflect. It’s imperative that you find your own reason to live your own life. Ignore people when they tell you what you should be. Don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams. Everything starts in the mind. Think good things – experience good things.

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