Fun in the Sun! A Collegiette's Guide to Summer Must-Haves

What time is it? Summertime!

Before you burn your school books (aka resell them for a fraction of what they originally cost) and run towards the closest body of water, make sure you’ve packed all of your summer essentials. While some summer essentials are completely up to you and what your plans are, here are our top 6 items that you should try to take with you everywhere you go on your summer adventure!


The only two places you probably won’t need sunscreen this summer is the southern hemisphere or inside. Besides that, bring your sunscreen! Even if you don’t sunburn or you’re one of those people who humbly brags about how they only tan, bring sunscreen. You don’t want to have to deal with skin cancer later in life and if you did happen to burn, you won’t be very happy about the sunburn pain or the peeling.  Bring sunscreen no matter what, and if you end up not using it after all (but use it so you don’t get skin cancer) you can always offer it to your pale friend who only turns red during the summer.


Along the lines of bringing sunscreen with you this summer, protect your eyes and your face! With hats pulling double duty, you keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face. If it happens to be too windy, then you’ll be thankful to have your sunglasses handy. Both are not only wonderful accessories to have during the summer, but they can also help you make your summer fashion statement. You can find all kinds of hats and sunglasses at several different clothing stores, and luckily for us college students, you can find some pretty cheap ones also.


Whether it’s the camera on your phone, a small handheld camera, a GoPro, or a more professional camera, you’re going to want to have pictures. Not only are these pictures going to be put up all over social media for your friends to see (and be jealous about) but they are going to hold memories you will want to look back on in the future. As much as we want summer to last, it will come to an end at some point, but pictures will keep these memories immortal.

Water Shoes:

Even if you end up not venturing to a body of water this spring break, water shoes can be an important item to have for your summer. With the amount of water shoes there are available in stores and online, you will most likely be able to find a pair that are visually appealing, fit within your budget, and are comfortable. With this killer combination, you’ll probably start to wear them around as your everyday shoes, and why not? When it’s summer, you might as well adhere to the summer clothing available, and if you do end up playing in some water this summer, you will have the right footwear for it!

Extra Clothes:

You could really use a pair of extra clothes anywhere you go. Around water, you won’t want to stay in your wet clothes for the rest of the day; and if it’s super hot outside, you’re going to want to change into your non-sweaty clothes as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to either throw an extra pair of clothes in the back of your car or carry a bag with you, depending on what’s easier for you and your situation. Either way, the water in your clothes will start to get uncomfortable after a while, so having a comfortable back up outfit is always a good idea.


IF YOU GO WITHOUT WATER YOU WILL DIE! If you’re one of those people who doesn’t drink a lot of water regularly, you are definitely going to want to remember to carry a water bottle around with you over summer. Between all the outdoor activities you’ll participate in and how much you’re going to be sweating, water is a must! Please don’t have a heat stroke this summer.  Drink plenty of water and stay healthy.

I hope these summer essentials have now made their way onto your own list!  Have a fabulous summer, and stay safe!