Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend: Things to Do Aside from Party

So you don’t like to party? It’s okay, not everyone does. It simply isn’t everyone’s scene. So instead of constantly spending you’re evenings scrolling through the next episode of Netflix, why not go on a little adventure?  You don’t need constant nights that you may not remember. Nights filled with different adventures and guaranteed laughter will be the stories you’ll tell forever.

Sleepover with Girlfriends

Bring it back to the time when you were young and your life was stress free. Pure bliss. Call up all your closest girlfriends and invite them over! Be sure to mention that food, movies, and even manicures may be involved. Cooking food together is so much fun! Include a playlist of your squad’s favorite songs to guarantee a great karaoke session. Whipping up homemade spaghetti with tomatoes can bring out the inner Julia Childs in you. Then making the food only gets better because desserts come after the main course. Scour Pinterest beforehand to get a collection of a variety of sweets. More sweets, the better. This could be a collection of cookies, pies, and brownies. Make sure that you have enough because later on the munchies are sure to make an appearance. Once the food is completed pop in you and your girls’ favorite movies to sit back and relax to.

Craft Night

Okay, crafting may not be everyone’s favorite pastime. It does produce something great in the end, though! Making something can help relieve stress because it allows you to focus on a single task. It also allows that sometimes hidden creativity come out and for you to produce something you never thought was possible before. After all of the hot glue has dried and the sparkles have covered every inch of your kitchen, a masterpiece is created. The thought of you being the next Pablo Picasso has entered your mind and you couldn’t be more proud! Make sure to hang or display your piece where it’s sure to make you happy every time you look at it.

Game Night

These nights are perhaps one of the greatest nights you could possibly have. These nights are where everyone’s competitive side comes out. Games such as Cards Against Humanity, Twister, and Catch Phrase are sure to never disappoint. There are even alternate versions of each game that allow you to mix things up if you’re bored of the standard game! Things such as Paint Twister allow for a great time and even funny pictures once all of the participants are done playing. Along with alternative Twister is alternative Jenga. With alternative Jenga you can create your own blocks of what people have to do when they pull them out! Making these blocks can be a game in itself trying to see who can come up with the most creative actions. Playing this Jenga game can last for hours! 

Creating memories with your friends is one of the greatest things you can do while you’re in college. As you go your separate ways after four years, these are the things that you guys will laugh about when you reunite. You will have memories of various nights that you all actually remember.