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Campus Cuties Who Love Rock Climbing

This week, Her Campus Boise State took a walk on the wild side-- or perhaps it would be better to say a climb. These Campus Cuties are not your average Boise State students-- or your average Campus Cuties, for that matter. While many of us spend Saturday afternoon catching up on the latest episode of Scandal, these crazy kids are off scaling cliff faces, with nothing but their own strength, a rope, a harness, and some carabiners to keep them from falling. Sound crazy? It is! Check out this HC exclusive interview, below.

Climbing at the Black Cliffs, from left to right: Katie Meikle, Michaela Eugster, Scott Kausler, Kayd Christensen

Her Campus Boise State: Most days, when I think of "getting out" and "exercising", it means going for a jog in the foothills. Not you guys, though! Tell me: what do you like most about climbing? 

Michaela Eugster: Rocks. The adrenaline rush. The view from the top.

Kayd Christensen: The view from the bottom. ;)

Scott Kausler: The community aspect of it is really great. 

HC: An eclectic mix of responses there-- I like it. Tell me this: since your worst fear is obviously not heights, what is it? 

ME: Spiders!

KC: Spiders. 

SK: I fear nothing.

HC. Scott obviously knows what's up. I worry about you other two: you climb cliffs for fun, but are scared of little bugs? ;) Anyway, Scott: when you're out here rock climbing all afternoon, do you have a favorite rock climbing snack? In other words, what do rock climbers use to fuel up? 

SK: Angry Orchards and PBR. PBR is the official beer of rock climbing. 

Scott Kausler

HC: I didn't know beer and rock climbing went together! But then again, you have been climbing a long time so you must know what you're talking about. Michaela, you just started climbing in the past few weeks-- do you mind telling us what first got you hooked?

ME: I was in Arizona a couple of weeks ago, and I took an Instagram photo of some really cool cliffs that I saw there with the hashtag, #climbing. I got a huge response from REAL climbers out there, and I decided I wanted to be part of that community and give it a try! And here I am. 

Michaela Eugster

HC: Scott, you've been rock climbing for over a year now. What's your favorite rock climbing location in the great outdoors?

SK: The City of Rocks is awesome. There is this 100 foot spire we climb-- and then we stand on top! It's pretty crazy. 

HC: Like being on top of the world, literally! Kayd, you've also had a lot of rock climbing experience-- what has been the scariest experience you've had? 

KC: I saw a guy take a fall off of these very cliffs a few years back. He shattered both of his ankles and got a severe concussion when he fell-- I remember it very clearly. I can literally picture it when I come here. 

HC: Yikes, that is scary!!! 

Kayd Christensen

HC: Okay-- so here's the question of the hour: are there any rock climbing pick-up lines that HC readers should know? For whatever reason. 

(Michaela, who didn't know any off-hand, made one up.)

ME: Nice boulders. I'd climb those.

SK: This doesn't count as a pick-up line, but when my girlfriend and I go rock climbing I catch her at the very end-- princess-style.

HC: Totally adorable. Who knew rock climbing could be so romantic. Kayd?

KC: Hang on, I gotta take my shirt off for the crux.

HC: Okay...

KC: Don't worry about it. Climbers will get it. 

Interested in the crazy world of rock climbing? Want to know more? For starters (at least according to Kayd), you should familiarize yourself with some of the lingo. Check out the vid below: Sh*t Climbers Say. And don't forget to stay tuned for next week's edition of Campus Cutie! 

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