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Campus Cutie, Vinton Gwinn: not just any Idaho boy

This week, HC Boise State's powerhouse freshman-contributor team went out in search of a freshman cutie. Our efforts paid off! Meet Vinton Gwinn, better known as Vinny.

Age: 19.          

Major: Accountancy and Finance Major.

Year: Freshman.

Hometown: Pocatello, ID.

Relationship status: Single.


Her Campus Boise State: And ready to mingle?

Vinny Gwinn: Only if you want to make me sound thirsty!

HC: Oh no, we don't want to do that... so, what happens in the daily life of Vinny?

VG: I work out every day and hang out with my friends. I study a little bit but mostly I just enjoy life.

HC: Let’s just dive right in then! What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

VG: I broke my back…. and I was paralyzed until I had my surgery.

HC: How did you do that???

VG: Skiing. I used to ski competitively. 

HC: Ouch! Glad you're doing better. Anything crazier than that?

VG: I don’t know! I’m just an Idaho boy.

HC: Okay, fair enough. What’s your guilty pleasure? Vampire Diaries, perhaps? 

VG: Actually, yes.

HC: Ooh, lucky guess. 

VG: Haha, yes! I’m in love with it. I’ve seen it all the way through once and now I’m rewatching it – I’m on season 3. I am also an ice cream addict. Oreo, all the way!

HC: So good! Any pet peeves?

VG: IM NOT A PRETTY BOY! I hate being called one.

HC: Understandable. What is something people don't know about you?

VG: Haha, hmmm…. that I’ve never had a girlfriend. It’s kind of embarrassing.

HC: That’s so cute! Are you on the lookout for one? Anyone in particular you have your eye on?

VG: Not really. I’m just living life.

HC: What is something that you couldn’t live without? And don’t say your phone! (We've heard that too many times).

VG: Hunting, of course. Couldn’t live without it. I’m an avid hunter. 

HC: If you had a thousand dollars, to take a girl out on a date, what would you do?

VG: Haha, the money question… I would “John Tucker Must Die” it, Idaho style. Not the multiple girls part, but the date. I would rent a huge sailboat with Christmas lights all around and take her to Payette Lake in McCall. There would be smooth music in the background. We would eat on the boat... something delicious and classy like steak. Then we would lay back and watch the stars, and end it all with amazing fireworks. WAIT A SEC! Maybe I would take my horses out and we would ride through the mountains in Jackson Hole. Then once were at the top, there would be a pre-laid out picnic. And then we would look at the stars and talk about pointless stuff, and possibly end up dancing to “Cowboy Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks.

HC: Wow, you’re kind of a romantic, aren't you? Last question: what has been your favorite part of your first semester at Boise State? 

VG: Meeting all my new friends and living in the dorms! 


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Perry Truong

Boise State

Perry Truong, you can call him Per-Bear, is a freshman here at Boise State, studying Marketing. He is from a small town in southern Washington near the Portland area. On campus, you may see him pigging out at the BRC or longboarding around the greenbelt, but no matter where you see him, there will be a smile on his face.Favorite quote: Don't let the plan get in the way of the journey.
Madison is a freshman at Boise State University majoring in political science with a minor in french. In her spare time she enjoys adventuring and of course writing for HerCampus Boise State.
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