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Campus Cutie: Romantic Edition

Colby Jenkins, a well-known figure (wink wink) on the Boise state campus turned on the charms for his HC interview this week. Sweet and suave, it is no surprise Colby got nominated for HC Boise State’s Campus Cutie: Romantic Edition.  

This Cutie is the life of the party: wherever the action is, you’ll probably see Colby, whether it be a Boise State basketball game or a Halloween party (in Wolverine costume, as it turned out).

In the following interview, HC Boise State found out a little more about Colby… and the verdict is in: lady’s man, all the way. Watch out for those pick-up lines, collegiettes!

(And in the spirit of Campus Cuties AND recent Boise snowfall, enjoy the studly action shot below…)

Her Campus Boise State: Age?

Colby Jenkins: 21!

HC: Major?

CJ: Business management with a minor in finance. I was an engineer at first, though.

HC: What made you change your mind?

CJ: I couldn’t stand the computer science. You do a hundred lines of code, forget a semicolon somewhere, and nothing works. Screw that!

HC: Well Colby, you were nominated as a Campus Cutie, so answer this question for our readers: what’s your favorite place to take a girl on a date?

CJ: Movies are too mainstream. There’s lots of cool outdoor spots I know as a local. If a girl has earned one of my special spots, I’d take here there. Movies are too awkward anyway, especially for a first date. If the arm rest goes down it’s like: game over. But somewhere outside can be nice and interactive, and you can have a good conversation.

HC: What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

CJ: Maybe a little Taylor Swift. If you’re in the car with a bunch of guys and that comes on… it’s just like… who put that there??? But if you’re with a girl it’s usually okay.

HC: What’s your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?

CJ: On a Friday night, I have to socialize. I can’t be myself. But ya know, I’ll reflect a little on my week…how I’m improving as a person…and then go hang out with friends. Usually involving alcohol.

HC: Favorite place to go downtown?

CJ: Depends on the day of the week. Friday is house party night, and Saturday is downtown night. On a typical Saturday night, I’ll probably start off at Cactus for some cheap shots. Roddy’s is where you end the night, maybe around 1 am, especially if you’re thinking, “Damn… I haven’t picked up anyone yet.” There’s some desperate people there, though… you want to be careful.

HC: What’s your best pick-up line?

CJ: Oooh, I’ve got a few. On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you?

HC: Patriotic, I like it. Any others?

CJ: Well you know it’s getting to be the holiday season, so I can ask: do you mind if I take a picture of you?

HC: Haha, why?

CJ: So I can show Santa what I want for Christmas!

HC: I don’t know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet… that can’t be your go-to year-round! 

CJ: True. This is my recent favorite. This is how it goes down. We’re having a conversation or something, then there will be a moment when I’m expected to respond, but I won’t…

HC: …and?

CJ: I’m sorry, I just got lost in your eyes.

HC: Cute. HC Boise State approves. 

CJ: Honestly, my best pick up line though is just making people laugh. Pick up lines are cheesy so usually that’s my thing: making a girl laugh. 

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Katie Meikle, also known as Meeks, Meikle or Pumpkin, is a junior and transfer student from Tufts University in Boston, currently studying health sciences at Boise State. Although a Boise native, Katie spent her entire high school career overseas, split between Japan and Taiwan. Katie's writing interests include fashion, healthy eating, mixology, and campus cuties... of course! She loves the great outdoors, traveling, her two dogs, Lexi and Hobbs, days at the beach, walks on sunny days, and her mom's cooking. Favorite quote: don't be a drag, just be a queen.
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