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Campus Cutie: Mikey G

HC Boise State: Hi Mikey! Thanks for sitting down with HC Boise State this week :) So we've heard that you have a very intersting nickname... care to tell us a little about it?

Mikey Gonzalez: It's Shredder. 

HC: Can I ask how you got that nickname?

MG: It's actually a personal story not suited for the general public's ears :)

HC: How old are you?

MG: 22! 

HC: What year?  

MG:: I transferred from El Camino Community College in California, and I am currently a Junior.

HC: Not from the Boise area, then?

MG: Nope! I'm from Torrance, California. It's SoCal.

HC: What made you choose Boise State?

MG: Because it's something different. I wanted to go somewhere completely different from California… it's an adventure. 

HC: What is your favorite part of going to school here in Boise?

MG: Definitely the outdoors. I love off-roading, biking, and fishing. We don’t have that back home in Cali. The only thing I am missing out on from home is surfing and free diving.

HC: Have you been camping around here yet?

MG: No, but this summer a bunch of my friends and I are definitely going! 

HC: So you are staying in Boise for the summer then?

MG: Mmmhmm.

HC: What is your major?

MG: Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Exercise Science.

HC: What’s the hardest part about it?

MG: All of the in-depth science classes, like biology and chemistry. I don’t feel prepared for them but I have to take them for my degree. My counselor literally told me I am going to die next semester because I am taking some of the hardest classes offered on campus.

HC: What made you choose that degree?

MG: I worked in nutrition back in LA for a couple years, and I decided I want to work in a career centered on health and fitness because it's beneficial to everyone! 

HC: What exactly do you hope to do in the health industry? 

MG: I want to open up my own vitamin store, actually! I also want to be a fireman.

HC: Ooh, that's a curveball-- what interests you about being a fireman? 

MG: Being able to help people, for sure! Also, not having a desk job is really appealing to me. 

HC: Very cool. Let's switch gears a little bit. Do you have any pets?

MG: One dog, Sparky. He’s an Italian Greyhoud. We named him Sparky because he has SO much energy! Every time I go near him he starts shaking because he is so excited. 

HC: Do you have any funny or embarrassing moments that you wouldn't mind sharing with us? 

MG: When I made varsity football in high school my sophomore year, I accidentally burped into the microphone wihle introducing myself at a rally. It was REALLY embarassing. My coach ended up having to take over for me... 

HC: Hah! That's hilarious. What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies? 

MG: I love to walk the Greenbelt and go off-roading on the back roads up 8th street. One time my friend Brandon and I went up so far that we got lost and had no idea where we were... luckily we got back okay, but it was still kind of scary for a while!

HC: Okay, tell us this: when you wake up and decide you want to look REALLY good today, what do you wear? 

MG: Just some nice-fitting jeans and a long-sleeve flannel or thermal. It's just really comfortable. 

HC: Ah, comfort is key. Now let's ask the question everyone has been waiting for: relationship status...?

MG: Single! 

HC: Phew. Campus just breathed a sigh of relief. What is the number one thing you look for in a girl? 

MG: Her eyes. And smile. I don’t know. Sometimes I will look at a girls and I can tell immediately just when we make eye contact if I want to try and get to know them. Another thing, I love a girl who is spontaneous!

HC: What’s your go-to when you take a girl out on a date? 

MG: Something different-- not the usual "dinner and a movie".

HC: Give us an example!

MG: In the past I've done things like ice-skating, watching for shooting stars, mini-golfing... I always like doing things that are fun and active so you don't have to sit there and feel awkward. Because when you're just sitting together and "hanging out", you don't necessarily really get to know the other person. It's also fun to play question games with a girl to get to know her better. 

HC: Have you ever had a disaster date? If so, tell us about it!

MG: Luckily, no. I'm not an awkward person and I am really outgoing. I stay on the positive the whole time!

HC: How would you describe a perfect date?

MG: My perfect date would be dinner downtown during Christmas-time when the lights are up! Then, going for a walk, then going ice-skating, or something along those lines. I also think it would be really fun to go hiking with a girl and bring along a picnic. 

HC: Super cute. Okay, get ready for: 

Lightning round:

Favorite color? Red and blue. 

Favorite food? Pizza.

Favorite drink? Sprite. 

Favorite animal? Owls. 

Favorite movie? Wolf of Wall Street.

Favorite singer/band/artist? ACDC.

Favorite hangout? 8th Street, on the backroad.

Dream car? 1967 SS Camaro-- the very first one that came out. Black.

HC: Is there anything else that you think people should know about you?

MG: I am understanding, open-minded, and as spontaneous as can be. One minute, I will be doing one thing, and the next I will be off frolfing even though I don't really know how. That sort of spontaneity and willingness to try things is something you can always count on with me. 

HC: Thanks Mikey! 

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