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Campus Cutie: Life According to Bobby

I know what you’re thinking… campus cuties are pure eye candy.

Yes, collegiette, you’re definitely on to something. That is true. And this week’s campus cutie is no exception.

But there is more to a campus cutie than meets the eye! 

This week’s cutie, Bobby Mueller, sat down with HC Boise State and dished about everything from dating advice to his nerdy fifteen-year-old-self to the holiday spirit. 

Here’s a cutie to be thankful for… happy reading, collegiettes! 


Quick Facts

Age: 21.

Major: political science.

Year: Senior.

Hometown: Bellevue, Washington.

Relationship status: single and ready to mingle (direct quote).


Her Campus Boise State: What are your top five favorite things to do?

Bobby Mueller:

1.       Sports of all kinds.

2.       Socializing! Like going to parties.

3.       Enjoying the great outdoors. I’m a pretty active person.

4.       Watching movies! I’m a movie junkie.

5.       Touristy stuff, like sight-seeing.

HC: What are your top five favorite foods?


1. Teriyaki chicken.

2. Ravioli.

3. I love my Thanksgiving dinner…

HC: Don’t worry, we’ll get to that.


4. The American in me loves a classic hamburger.

5. I like salmon a lot. That’s a Washingtonian thing I guess.

HC: What are your five favorite places?

BM: Sh*t… well definitely not the library. Let’s see…

1.       I run track, so I kind of have my clarity on the track while I’m running.

2.       I love swimming, I love the pool. I get up at 7 to swim five days a week.

3.       I always enjoy a good park, if it’s a nice day out.

4.       The mall. I kinda like shopping I guess… like shoe shopping. People who say they don’t are lying.

5.       Boise bars and downtown.

HC: Any nicknames?

BM: If we’re going to keep it somewhat appropriate, then Booby. I get that a lot.

HC: What’s your catchphrase?

BM: Always look on the bright side of life.

HC: What is your favorite song or song lyrics?

BM: “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & the Waves. It goes with my vibe.

HC: So, as promised, Thanksgiving is coming up fast… what are your plans?

BM: I’m all about family. I’m heading back to Seattle, going to watch some football and hang out with my two younger sisters. Family, food, football: the three F’s!

HC: What do you think is the most important part of the holiday season?

BM: Being grateful for what you have and enjoying the company of friends and family. All that sappy stuff adds up.

HC: What’s your favorite holiday?

BM: 4th of July!!!

HC: You were waiting for that one.

BM: I’m an American boy. Think about it… you’re with friends, you’re with family, you get to drink beer, AND there’s explosions. It’s sunny and you get to wear the best colors in the world.

HC: Patriotic kind of guy, I like it.

BM: Yes ma’am.

HC: What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done today?

BM: Today??? Dang….

HC: Could be anything. Jaywalking maybe?

BM: Definitely jaywalked. Wait, there was something! There was a long-boarder who was about to hit this girl and I jumped in front in an attempt to save her. He swerved out of the way, so it all worked out. But I was two steps ahead, just in case. At least I attempted to save a damsel in distress.

HC: What’s it like being part of TKE (Tau Kappa Epsilon)?

BM: We’re the frat guys. We kind of fit the stereotype. There’s gentleman among us, though. I am definitely one of them. The fraternity is a brotherhood, so we get together and build camaraderie. We do a lot of philanthropy and community service, and party afterwards.

HC: What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

BM: I had a really good date with a girl recently. We went to the night hot air balloon show. It was kind of like a carnival. We walked in the park, listened to some music and had some drinks… it was just a really beautiful evening. We laid down on a blanket on the grass… all that jazz.

HC: If you’re interested in a girl, how do you show it? What are the first signs?

BM: I’m a touchy-feely kind of guy. I’ll give you a hug and hold it extra-long, maybe rub your back a little bit… I’ve pretty forward, to be honest. Very flirty. I ask a lot about the girl and try not to talk about myself.  

HC: Who should make the first move?

BM: When a girl does, it’s awesome. It’s very rare, but it’s awesome. Nine times out of ten, it’s me who has to make the first move, but whenever the girl does it, I always reciprocate very well.

HC: What is something you would want Boise State girls to know about you?

BM: I’m very positive. I can make your rainy day sunny. 

HC: What is something you wish you understood more about girls?

BM: What are they thinking when they lead guys on? Do they just not realize it? It’s like, come on. If you initiate the flirting and I flirt back and then it goes nowhere, what’s that all about?

HC: What is something you think girls need to understand about guys?

BM: We make mistakes but we very rarely have malicious intent. Maybe we missed a special date or forgot to do something, or said the wrong thing… but very rarely is it because we meant to screw you over. That would be a really messed up dude. I mean, I’ve had my share of whoopsies, but they’re always honest mistakes. Girls sometimes blow it up to epic proportions. It happens.

HC: Fill in the blanks! I wish I were a ____ so I could ____.

BM: I wish I were taller because I feel like girls like taller guys. I’m 6 feet! It’s not like I’m short by any means, but a couple extra inches couldn’t hurt. Then girls can wear their stilettos and I still got some height on them.

HC: My 15 year old self was ____.

BM: Nerdy, very nerdy. I was a three-sport athlete in high school. Sports, sports, sports. But there’s always been this nerdy side of me. I used to be really into comic books. I still am.

HC: In five years I want to be ____.

BM: A firefighter! After graduation I want to join the navy. But it’s really competitive to be a firefighter and I feel like the navy is a good stepping stone to get there. The ladies love a firefighter.

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