The Anonymous Annoyance: The Condemnation of Greek Life on Yik Yak

Growing up, I knew there was one thing I couldn't stand: negative comments.  While I tend to identify as a realist instead of an optimist, I never understood the need to try to bring someone down just because you don’t like them, don’t agree with certain opinions they have, or don’t agree with certain decisions they make. Unfortunately, I can't control all the negative comments in the world, but I can bring to light an integral question: why are these negative comments being stated, and why publicly?

In my naive state, I decided to download the app called Yik Yak, which allows people to post anonymous comments based on geographical location.  While most of the comments are more amusing than anything, every so often people will comment on the Greek system.  Some decide to post simple and harmless questions about recruitment dates and costs of being Greek but, more often than not, people post comments that are only meant to be hurtful and negative.  As a member of the Greek community, it really makes me wonder why.

Don’t worry, this is not going to turn into a recruitment post which lists all the positive aspects of Greek life because those can be googled on their own, and I'm sure you've heard about all our community service, GPA, and famous figures statistics a hundred times anyway.  Greek life has many positive aspects, but members recognize that, like any organization, there are always a few bad apples. We recognize those bad apples, but why do people feel the need to publicly degrade the entirety of the community based on the behaviors of only a few?  Those who are part of Greek life made the conscious decision to join this community, and those who regret that decision opt to leave it.  There's no fault in deciding to join a community where you feel like you belong and there's also no fault in deciding that this community isn't for you.  Other people know, for one reason or another, that they don't want to join Greek life at all, which is also a perfectly acceptable decision for someone to make in their college career.

What shouldn't be viewed as acceptable, however, is making comments about people that are designed to be hurtful and bring others down simply because they made a decision that you personally would not have made.  Everyone makes a choice when they come to college in how they want to better themselves as individuals and we have no authority to tell people they are wrong.  No sorority woman should have to worry about being called a "sorority slut" or a “sorostitute” simply because they are part of the Greek system, and someone outside of Greek life shouldn't be judged for being a "God-damned independent" for knowing Greek life was not a suitable option.

To make this long story short, members of Greek life are passionate about something many people seem passionate to tear apart.  While we do our best to ignore the stereotypes and negativity, sometimes it becomes too much.  In my time as an active sorority member; I have experienced personal highs and lows, moments of wanting to quit, and moments where I couldn't imagine my life without this chapter; I know there are many other sorority women who feel the same. We joined our chapters because we saw the potential for growth during our college years, so please don’t pull us down for believing in what we do… especially when hiding behind an anonymous username.