An Acrostic Ode to Earth Day: What Can I Do?

Earth Day happens once a year, but we should be celebrating our Earth every day of the year. Our Earth is a special place that we should take care of and be grateful that we are alive! Life is short, but we should cherish each moment and memory made with those around us. Earth Day is a perfect time for us to appreciate those who are similar and different from us, and it is especially an important time for us to come together and see what we can do to make our world better for us as well as the next generation.

EXPLORE the wonders of the world.

If you live here in Idaho, go out and adventure in one of the many hidden gems in this beautiful state. A few peaceful places in Idaho include the foothills of Boise and the many natural hot springs scattered throughout the state.

For wonders beyond the borders of Idaho, go to Montana, Washington, Wyoming, Oregon, Utah, and Canada. There are so many amazing places to choose from that border Idaho, and all you have to do is hop into your car with some friends and go on a road trip. Today take an adventure! Leave the house and go experience the beauty that surrounds us.


Sometimes as humans we get sidetracked by the opinions of others. Instead of living your life by other people’s terms, take time to live your life for yourself. If you are passionate about a cause like Add the Words or the National Rifle Association, stand up for what you believe in. Each of us has a purpose in this world, so why not make a difference in the lives of others? If you do not stand up, then who will?! By taking action on things that you are passionate about, we can collectively make our world a better place; especially if we remember to be tolerant and respectful of others while doing so.

RESPECT all of life’s wonders, people, and confusions.

Let your mind wander and don’t give up your creativity by trying to live up to the standards of those around you. We all are independent individuals who may have similar interests, but remind yourself to be considerate of people’s perspectives that may differ from your own. Remember to have a reverence for the land we live on and the people who come and go from our lives, because life is a temporary thing that comes and goes with the will of the wind. Right now, many of us may be confused about the unnecessary violence toward each other here on the Homefront as well as in far places, like Europe and the Middle East, where we see terrorist attacks as the norm in the news broadcasted to us. Respect our Earth and the people who reside on it, because we never know when this beautiful place could no longer be ours anymore. Respect on Earth Day can be simply shown through recycling, riding your bike to work or school, and keeping an open-mind when interacting with others.

Take TIME to learn, teach, or enjoy the environment you live in.

If you want to learn more about your environment, go to Earth Day Festival in your city to learn about how the companies in your community are going green. Also, you can learn through reading books or watching movies what you can do as an individual to make this place a better and more environmentally friendly world to live in.

A good read is The Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, who offers advice on what we can do as a civilization to create a cleaner and more livable place for all of us.  Additionally, Carson’s book focuses on the harmful effects DDT had on our food chain, from humans down to the plants that create the oxygen we breathe.

Teach people about the environment and what we can do to make a more livable space for all of us. Keep the discussion going even when you hit a roadblock where you are left wondering what to say. Sometimes it is good to just get the insights of those around you to help in a teaching a controversial issue like global climate change. Teach the younger generation through a puppet show, craft making, or a short comical story.

Lastly, do not forget to enjoy our Earth on this day in April. Enjoy the smallest wonders of our world as well as the biggest, because each little or huge thing teaches about where we stood and where we are going in this ever changing life.

Lend a HELPING Hand.

Be the helping hand to bring people up, not to push them down. Don’t forget about where you stand, because perspective can change or influence you to act in a certain way on the basis of the circumstances surrounding your life. Remember to listen to those with whom you interact with an open mind. Being open minded can help you gain new perspectives and create a more well-rounded change for everyone.

You can help out on Earth Day by biking, carpooling or walking to work. You can help by recycling, reducing, and reusing most of the stuff that you have. Being a helping hand to those around you or the environment can make for a better Earth for all of us to live and grow on.


DEFY the limits.

AMAZE the doubters.

 YOU can be the change.