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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Boise State chapter.

I love college, college loves me, I stay up and talk till 3!… I spent months preparing for college and I still managed to get those classic freshman experiences. No amount of youtube vlogs can guarantee you’ll be a professional student, but hopefully I, your Fairy College-mother, can give you at least one piece of good advice.

1.) Shower shoes are NOT an option.

When sharing a bathroom with 40 other girls, things get pretty gross. I’ve seen bodily fluids on floors, soup in sinks and worse: barefeet in the showers. The showers are Pandora’s Box; don’t look inside for their secrets but don’t ignore the dangers.

2.) Don’t forget the basics.

It may sound obvious to bring lotion, q-tips, belts, socks and the proper weather clothes, but when you’re packing that cute top, small necessities are the last thing on your mind. I still don’t have a proper container for my bar soap and that’s because all I could think about was how to place the pillows on my bed.

3.) There really is more homework.

You may have less classes to take but it’s not always one assignment per class per week. Those first year required classes are there to get their message across; that means three assignments a week on top of your midterm project. Everyone has homework, there is anyone lucky enough to have no homework.

4.) Know how to talk to people.

Talking to people isn’t just about making friends; it’s about passing a presentation, conversing with a professor and getting your ideas across. But don’t be nervous. You’re in a place with thousands of new and inviting people who want to make friends just as much as you do.

5.) Make time to exercise.

Look for classes at your local gym, dedicate time to walking for 30 minutes, join a new sport. Whatever it may be, getting a healthy routine during your first month avoids The Freshman 15, keeps your body confidence and fitness levels up, and lets you make friends along the way.

6.) Know your floor.

Having a common room in your dorm is one of the best parts of living on campus. Getting to know your floor mates helps you make friends, study partners, and a reliable person to talk to. There will always be someone there for you and even though they’ll always be loud at night you get to be right there with them.

7.) Parties!

Parties are real. Who you know and where they are will determine how good they’ll actually be, but it’s always important to remember safety. If you plan on drinking, bring your own drink. It will always be worth it and you’ll feel a lot safer. Worried about getting in? If you’re a girl don’t worry. Guys have a harder time getting into parties. A good rule of thumb is the more girls that go in with a guy, the better chance they have at getting in. But parties aren’t for everyone. Netflix and ice cream are always there for you. Always.

But it’s only the first month. Join clubs, hangout with other people, embrace mistakes and be safe.