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21 Signs It’s Time for the Semester to END

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Boise State chapter.

1. The sun is shining, the weather is GORGEOUS, and all you want to do is go frolicking outside.

Nothing can get in your way. NOTHING. 

2. All that you and your friends talk about these days is how much you are going to party when finals are finally over.

10. More. Days. 

3. Speaking of which, you are constantly surprised by how many days are left before finals end… yet how few before they begin. 

You mean to tell me I only have three days to figure out how to pass Calc II??? 

4. Drinking sounds like a good alternative to studying, most of the time. 

Numb the pain. 

5. Speaking of which, you’ve taken to rewarding yourself for every assignment, let alone every class, that you complete. 

One drink per page, per paper. Sound about right? 

6. You’ve lost all interest in your classes.

And attendance is a REAL struggle. 

7. You’ve all but lost the ability to express yourself intelligently. 

8. And how to interact with others in a friendly, casual way, period. 

8. You are surviving solely on a diet of energy drinks, instant ramen, and poptarts. 

9. You can’t remember the last time you got more than 6 hours of sleep.

Those were the good old days.

10. You have flat-out stopped caring about your appearance in class. 

No shower, no makeup, no problem. 

11. Anytime anyone does anything fun without you, you react with rage.

Even though you really SHOULD be studying, anyway.

12. You’re spending more time watching Netflix than ever before.

And on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, BuzzFeed, etc…  

13. You have at least one serious #strugglebus moment pretty much every day.

The struggle is real.

14. Your sex life is nonexistant. 

In fact, you’re so out of practice that you’ve probably lost your game altogether.

15. In general, your social life has been nonexistant for weeks now. 

16. In response to Finals Week stress, you’ve taken to eating your feelings.

17. It’s 80 degrees outsides and too hot to wear anything besides a bikini and jean cutoffs. 

Too bad that that is not socially acceptable in class. 

18. You have developed some pretty spectacular study hacks to help you survive Finals Week without knowing anything.

19. And this is how you are feeling, most of the time: 

20. All you can think about are your AWESOME plans for Summer 2014. 

And it is very distracting. 

21. …and that epic, drop-the-mic moment when you walk out of your last final. 


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Katie Meikle

Boise State

Katie Meikle, also known as Meeks, Meikle or Pumpkin, is a junior and transfer student from Tufts University in Boston, currently studying health sciences at Boise State. Although a Boise native, Katie spent her entire high school career overseas, split between Japan and Taiwan. Katie's writing interests include fashion, healthy eating, mixology, and campus cuties... of course! She loves the great outdoors, traveling, her two dogs, Lexi and Hobbs, days at the beach, walks on sunny days, and her mom's cooking. Favorite quote: don't be a drag, just be a queen.