Why I'd Rather be Friends with Guys than Girls

I can’t remember the last time I hung out with a group of girls to just sit and chat. I can’t handle the drama and knowing that 30 seconds before I walked in they were probably saying something bad about me. Girls are so needy and stressful, which I just don’t need in my life. Sorry but guy friends are so much easier, and honestly better.

You don’t have to worry about anything with guy friends. Guys literally don’t care about anything; they’re not going to judge you for doing something stupid. They’re not going to get mad at you and subtweet or ignore you. When it comes to advice on guys, THEY’RE THE BEST AT GIVING IT. They’re guys, they know the reality of your situation. Girls tell you what you want to hear, boys tell you what you need to hear. Guys are honest, they don’t sugar coat it. It’s also super great to have people to give advice to. Guys struggle all the time with girls, and you are the key to the success of their relationship. They will come to you for advice on EVERYTHING when it comes to girls, and its so great to be able to tell a guy where he is a going wrong, because they always think they’re right. And yeah, they may not be the best at fashion advice and telling you if your outfit matches. BUTTTT they will tell you when “you look like fire” and “you look baddddd” but they mean that in the best possible way that you look SO SO good. They are the ultimate queens, really kings, of gassing you up. When you look good, they’ll make sure you know which makes you feel so much better about yourself. You’re not competing over who looks better in the same crop top--you’re hopefully, the only one wearing one in the group.

Boys will be boys though; they will make fun of you until the end of time. But you’ll laugh with them, you will never feel more confident than when you’re with them. And what guy doesn’t watch TV or play video games? None. All of them do at least one of those things so you’ll gain knowledge on whatever sport, show, or game they have on the TV. Which may be confusing or boring at first, but it’ll help when you get a man because you already know how to play Super Mario Smash, or how well you’re “favorite” football team is doing this season. Plus, once you understand this stuff, you can contribute to the conversation and play along with them. If you’re not cool with that, sitting there, not talking at all is also perfectly acceptable with them.

By the end of ALL of this, and you’ve developed a great friendship with these guys, and you’ll realize that they’re not just your friends. They have become your big brothers, much like your girl friends become your sisters. Except, guys will protect you no matter who or what they are going up against. They won’t argue with you when you need a cuddle session about who will be the big spoon. Their clothes are the best thing to steal because a comfy tee you can crawl up in a ball in when you’re sad is what every girl needs more of. And since they wear the same eight shirts, even though they have 80 in their dresser, you have plenty of options to steal from. Guy friends are everything your girl friends are, just better.