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Why Generation X Needs To Stop Think Social Media Is Romantic

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

So he either slid into your DMs or Snap Chatted you or whatever it may be, but here’s the thing- it really doesn’t mean anything. Well, it shouldn’t mean anything. This generation has gotten so invested in social media that we use it as a mean to start relationships. It’s time we start to bring back the romance.

To be honest, if you’re Snap Chatting back and forth for a good while, odds are you two could be just hanging out. Cut out the middle man (your phone) and hang out with them! Get to know them for longer than a ten second photo. You hear way too often of girls who fret and worry if a guy hasn’t texted them, or Snap Chatted them that day. Or even if he starts to like another girls photos on Instagram too, “is he talking to her too? Why would he like her picture too?” Chill out. Call him, don’t text him, and ask him to get lunch or meet you on campus to study together. You don’t have to wait until he texts you to talk that day. Good lord, just talk to him! Here is the big picture, you don’t have to wait ten minutes to respond to him. You can send double texts, you can Snap Chat him first, and even double Snap him. If he is into you, he is going to keep talking to you. This generation needs to relax with our phones in our faces, and start actually having face-to-face conversations.

Walk her to the door to make sure she got in safe, don’t text her. Hang out with her when she keeps snap chatting you that she’s bored, go out on a limb! How are we supposed to form relationships thought the screen and then be face to face with them. We need to bring back good old chivalry. Now this isn’t to say that it’s all to fall on guys, BUT it’s be much easier to know if a guy was playing head games if he wasn’t using forms of social media instead of directly talking to you. To be honest, why wouldn’t you want to just meet up with them, you never know what fun you could have. Maybe the first time is a little awkward, don’t just bag it and move on to the next person. Take the time to get to know a person beyond their Snap Chat and Twitter. Put the phone down and bring back the romance!

 Philadelphia raised, Bloomsburg bred. Looking for my own personal Claude Grioux all while pursuing a degree in telecommunications. But here I am writng, I've always loved to write. Just like smiling, smilings my favorite. 
Hi, guys! I'm JB and I am Campus Correspondent for Her Campus BloomU!