Why Bloomsburg? My Story With This Fun-Filled Little Town

My road to Bloomsburg has been filled with many detours and road blocks, but it has all been worth it.  I’ve been here for almost three years already, and I don’t regret a single minute of it.  My story with Bloomsburg actually started about seven or eight years ago, during my freshman year of high school.  My brother, then a high school senior, applied to only two colleges and was accepted at only one—Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.  While it was not his first choice, it ended up being his only (and best) choice.  He did the summer program before his freshman year and was then here for three years before I started college.  Like my brother, I also applied to only two colleges, one of which was Bloomsburg. My only exception was that I was accepted at both schools, and chose to attend the other school. 

During my freshman year and his senior year, the ninety miles between our schools never stopped me from asking my brother if I could come visit almost once a month.  I had fun at my school on the weekends, but there was something about Bloomsburg and its culture that I enjoyed so much more than my school.  By the start of his super senior year, and my sophomore year, I had already re-applied to Bloomsburg once and ended up reapplying and planning to attend for the spring semester of that year.  There were some complications with my scheduling for that spring semester, so I decided to stay at my school for another semester, and attend Bloom in the fall.  Again, I continuously visited Bloom.  There was just something that I loved about being here, whether it was everyone’s attitude, or being able to walk into a party or just across campus and actually know or recognize most of the people. 

Finally, for my junior year, I was able to successfully transfer to Bloomsburg University.  And I could not be happier that I did.  My first school had been fun—I met my best friends there and don’t regret a single moment of it—but it was too big, too expensive, and too many people thought far too highly of themselves just because they attended said school.  It wasn’t the right fit for me.  Luckily, I have been able to find that fit in Bloomsburg. 

The past three years at Bloomsburg (which I consider two junior years and my final senior year, because of lost credits), have been nothing short of extraordinary.  I’ve met people that have changed my life, both for better and for worse, but I have absolutely no regrets for any of them.  I’ve been challenged by my classes and experiences, but I’ve also learned that I can overcome any setback.  My life has completely changed since I’ve been here, but no matter what, Bloomsburg was able to provide a home for me.  No matter how much changed elsewhere, Bloomsburg was still here, and it was still just as reliable as before.  My eight-year story with Bloomsburg will soon come to an end when I graduate in May, but this place will always hold a strong place in my heart.