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What Selling Sex Toys Taught Me

At twenty years old- if you could successfully run your own business, would you? At twenty-two I purchased my own furniture, secured a vacation to Las Vegas, and paid off a student loan all in the matter of a little over a year. As a full time college student with full time bills- working a nine to five/forty hours a week schedule simply wasn’t viable.

In May 2014, I became a Passion Parties consultant. What is that? Passion Parties (which has since merged with another company) is a company that provides “at home” parties for women or couples and allows them to see, touch, and taste a number of adult products- which can otherwise be uncomfortable for some to buy or ask questions about. This brings the store to them! As a consultant, I took a demonstration kit with me, including edibles, lubes, and a small collection or vibrators and other unmentionables to a customer’s house to show them and all their friends. This “at home” party is not new. Your grandma may have sold Avon or Tupperware back in the day at a home party. Direct selling companies such as these allow women to become their own boss and set their own hours.

In such an intimate business, I get to help people become more confident not only with themselves and their own bodies but with their partners as well. You would be surprised the number of married women who have NEVER experienced an orgasm! I am still surprised every time I hear this, but I hear it all the time. I love my job for just this reason. Sex is becoming less of a taboo in conversation. The dawn of Fifty Shades brought bondage and our sex lives out of the bedroom and into conversation. Which is great!

Sex lowers the risk and symptoms of depression and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, can increase sleep habits and give us a more sound sleep, increases libido, increase out heart rate in the form of exercise, bring us closer to our partners, and it’s fun! I teach women and their partners some biology to help them out… Yes, the G-spot does exist. Yes, ALL women can climax. No, there is not a “gene” needed to be able to reach that O. “Blue balls” is not harmful or painful in any way, and yes, condoms stretch… a lot ( I have amazed women of college age and even grandmas that a condom can be stretched enough to fit my arm into).

In this way, my team and I are able to strengthen the bonds between couples-both in and out of the bedroom. As women we can encourage one another to be more confident and embrace our bodies. This confidence and numerous benefits increase the overall quality of life that other women are living. I am glad that I took this step in my like both to secure my future financially but to empower others as well. Girl Power! -xo

I'm a chemistry major who enjoys writing, makeup, fashion, pizza, sweat pants, and geek related topics.
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