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What to Expect at Your First Block Party

The longest week of the year is here. Block Party is Saturday, and the wait seems longer than ever. You are sorting out the final details of the arrival of your 18 friends and hoping the liquor store didn’t run out off your favorite fruity vodka. No worries–they wont, they plan for the large consumption of alcohol in the upcoming weekend. As for the actual day, scratch any plans you have now because there is a 98% chance they won’t actually happen. And there is a 98% chance that you will forget everything that happens as well, but that’s totally normal for you at this point.

The day starts at 8:30 AM, and I don’t mean that that’s when you wake up. That’s when the eggs get served over kegs, and the drinking begins. By 11 AM, you will most likely be blacked out; and that is honestly, perfectly normal. At some point, you will wander from wherever you started your day to Fetterman, where there are actually more people than it looks like in all the videos and photos you’ve seen. But there will also be more police there than you thought existed in the entire state. There are various police forces, from 9 different locations, whether it is State Troopers or the Danville Police Department–there A LOT of men and women in blue. And you may think “I won’t get caught,” but they hunt you down like a hawk. If they see you with an open container they will stare at you to see if you walk off private property into the streets, and when you do, you’re done.

Now, here are some useful tips. I know it’s going to sound weird, but you need to know where you’re going to go to the bathroom when you’re on Fetterman. Sorority and fraternity houses will most likely require wristbands or something of that sort in order for you to be allowed in their house. And it is extremely overwhelming when you turn down Fetterman and see all the people and options you have–there is a different party at every house so choose wisely. When you’re heading back to your dorm, maybe think about stopping for food or at a friend’s house. The security guards will be more than happy to detain you until the police get there to give you a citation, or even worse, they’ll bring an ambulance and take you to the hospital. It happens, and don’t think it won’t happen, because there is no way of knowing if it will or won’t happen to you. But I wish you the best of luck, and enjoy your drunken weekend that you will most likely forget!!  

As a senior, double majoring in Public Relations and Organizational Communications, Monica is eager to take on the roles of Campus Coordinator for Bloom U and Campus Trendsetter for HC. Whenever she isn't writing for HC, you can find her filming for the National Broadcast Society, volunteering for the Special Olympics Bocce Bash as Assistant Volunteer Coordinator, or supporting Pura Vida Bracelets as a Company Representative. Outside of her on-campus involvement, Monica enjoys photography, binge watching Netflix, eating Taco Bell, and making people laugh. 
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