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Spring Nail Polish Trends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

Spring is officially here! Although the weather doesn’t lead us to believe it’s actually here, it’s time to get into the spirit of spring. Just like any other girl, I’m sure getting the first mani and pedi of the season is a must now that cute sandals will be a part of our daily attire.  Here are a few nail polish color trends that will help you decide on the perfect color for your first spring mani and pedi.

Shimmer – Every girl loves a little a glitter and having it in the polish is the perfect place.

Mint  – This is one of my favorite colors, it subtle yet still adds the springy feel. 

Bright, fun, tropical colors – Every girl wishes they could be somewhere tropical so why not add the tropical feel to your fingers and toes! 


Neutrals  – Neutrals will never go out of style. They are the perfect nail polish that goes with absolutely anything and isn’t so flashy.  


Pastels – Pastel colors are the perfect color for spring. Light and girly yet makes a statement. 


Red  – Every girl needs a red manicure/pedicure every now and then. 

Have fun with your manicures and pedicures – it’s a time to relax and enjoy, along with trying many different trends.