Sorry, But I Love the Cold

People are nonstop complaining about how much they hate this weather, but I love it. There is no bigger smile to grace my face than the one I get when it snows. As the light drizzle the other morning turned to small bits of hail, my hopes for snow were high. And I was not disappointed, as the hail slowly turned to snow, and I prayed it would stick. Winter may still be coming in Game of Thrones, but in reality, winter is here and I couldn’t be happier!!

  1. The cold air hitting your skin wakes you up more than coffee ever will.

  1. Layers are in people, and bundling up is a look you can easily rock. I mean check out these HOT GUYS rocking layers

  1. Who needs to shower when beanies are so cute, and warm, and stylish?

(Beyonce checking out the boys above like DAMNNNNNNN LAYERS ARE IN)

  1. Yeah, you may get a little cold, but that makes for the perfect excuse to stay in, watch a movie, cuddle, and drink hot chocolate… and also get you out of class.

  1. The food is so much better in the winter, pies on pies on pies. Like Arby’s, winter has the meats. The list doesn’t end there, stuffing, cranberry sauce, MASHED POTATOS, apple pie, the seven fishes, pasta, meatballs, whatever your family makes for Thanksgiving and Christmas is only made for those days. Especially as college students, going home for the holidays is the most rewarding because of the food

  1. It doesn’t matter if you’re 4 or 40, you’ll still throw a snowball and want to go sleigh riding with your siblings every time you get the chance.

  1. The year is ending, take time to reflect on this past year of life, make New Year’s resolutions you probably won’t keep, and leave all the negativity, hate, and pettiness in 2017, as you cheers to the “new you”

  1. And probably the best (whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, both, or some other holiday) odds are it is one of the few times a year you get to see so many relatives in one place for such fantastic time of celebration.