Life Through the Kardashians

There is some truth in the fact that we all can relate to some of the fakest people on the planet at one point or another in life. 


  1. Boys are dumb
  2. Sometimes you just need to express yourself
  3. It’s okay to admit defeat 
  4. People are lucky to have you in their lives
  5. It really can be all about you 
  6. Honesty is the best policy? 
  7. You are a strong woman
  8. Self-confidence is KEY
  9. It is okay to laugh at yourself!
  10. Do not be a try hard 
  11. Sometimes people need to be put in their place
  12. Food is good
  13. People are assholes
  14. You will always have yourself
  15. Confront your issues 
  16. You can achieve anything you set your mind to
  17. Alone time is okay
  18. Realizing things is key 
  19. YOLO
  20. Sometimes you need a good cry