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How to Survive the Mid-Semester Breakdowns

It’s around that time of the semester, where everyone is stressed out, sick and missing home. Between midterms and spring break plans, no one can seem to stayed focus. Follow these tips to help spring break come a little bit faster!

Buy new school supplies.It may sound a little weird but you’ll be amazed at how much new pens, highlighters and notebooks can effect your schoolwork. You’ll be so excited to use your cute new pens that you won’t even realize you’re studying. Also running to Wal-Mart or Staples will give you a much needed and deserved study break!

Video-chat or call your family.Take the time to talk to your family. They know you better than anyone and will know exactly what say when you’re at you’re breaking point. Hearing about things that are going on in their life will also help you take your mind off all the things going on in your life. 

Get a good night sleep.Being well rested has amazing advantages for you. It can change your attitude for the day and help you be more productive. Go to bed at a reasonable time. Everyone deserves a little extra beauty sleep!

Take a night off and have fun.Whether you’re drinking a box of wine and watching movies with your roommates, dancing at Hardware or grabbing dinner with your friends, you deserve to have some fun this week too! Homework and studying is important but make sure you take a break too! 

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