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How to Feel Sexier

First off let me just say that it is 1,000% okay to feel sexy. You are not being “cocky,” you don’t have to look a certain way to feel it, and if anyone is trying to take that feeling away from you then you should probably remove the trash.

Feeling sexy can be very hard for women, and society’s judgmental and practically impossible standards could very much be to blame for it. BUT you can’t let that stop you from feeling how you want, especially when it comes to feeling good about yourself.


Here are just a few things that’ll help you feel like the sexy woman you are:

  • Wear hoop earrings – You might feel a bit extra for it but flaunt it, be comfortable with the extra-ness.
  • Wear those sexy clothes – If wearing a turtle neck with bootcut jeans or a crop top with a short skirt is the outfit that makes you feel good then wear the hell out of it.
  • Put on some lipstick or gloss – If there’s one beauty product I think every woman should own it’s this one, wear that shiny, bright, or dark lip, girl.
  • Get a new hairstyle – It’ll give you the “new phone, who’s this?” vibes.
  • Buy new underwear or lingerie – Newsflash, you don’t need a partner to wear them. Take some pics in them, model them, get your empowerment on.
  • Go braless – You’ll feel free, bras suck anyway just throw them out (if you’re comfortable, of course)
  • Get your nipples pierced – Just trust me on this one.
  • Drink wine and listen to soft music (I prefer Alternative R&B) – You’ll be dancing in front of your mirror and complimenting yourself all night.
  • Be nice to yourself – Tell yourself how beautiful you are every.single.day. Even if you don’t believe it now, you’ll believe it eventually. Build up that confidence!
  • Don’t compare yourself to other women!!!!! – We’re all sexy and beautiful in different ways, it doesn’t make you any less of a woman.


Have fun feeling sexy.

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