Five Ways to Improve Your Game This V-Day

  1. Take the Five Love Languages Quiz

The “five love languages” is a theory that was developed by Dr. Gary Chapman, a marriage counselor with degrees in philosophy, anthropology, and a PhD from Southwestern Baptist Seminary. Dr. Chapman has published a series of books stating there are five essential categories that make up the way one wants to be loved: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, and Quality Time. We all possess a certain amount of each, yet some “languages” are more important to us or our partner than the other “languages”. Chapman has proven that by using the results of the quiz we can finally love others the way THEY want to be loved. This is much more effective than trying to shower your man with gifts when he’d really appreciate a back rub much more.


  1. Indulge AND love your body

Have you guys ever been to the Java City on campus instead of Starbucks? I highly recommend it. Not only are a few of the items one size at a set price, improving the value for your dollar; but they also offer a wider variety of sugar free syrups. If you’re looking to warm your cold cold heart this V-day, go on in and order a strawberries n’ chocolate themed drink sans guilt. The Java City has sugar free chocolate syrup that is delicious swirled into a caffé latte or steamed milk (for those of us who get the jitters). Other diet-friendly additions include hazelnut, caramel, or vanilla. If you’re weary of the sugar free label, trust me it tastes just as rich and sugary as the original.


  1. Avoid Awkward Small Talk

Download the daily facts app Owl, to keep your brain freshly stocked with interesting conversation starters. Owl handpicks the facts from Reddit and notifies you when they’ve refreshed. Studies show that constant learning can open your mind to new ideas, experiences, and people. I’m sure you all prefer those dates with an exciting partner who has diverse interests, rather than the dude (or chick) who drones on about welding. If you’d prefer a more enlightening daily update, the app Love Pioneer is a sequence of "flash cards" with quips like “trust the timing of your life”. When one “flips” a card, there is a deeper explanation and focus meditation available. Relax and encourage yourself before the big date!


  1. Earn Bonus Points by Being a Peasant, Not a Princess

Well, maybe “peasant” isn’t the most appealing word here…but it was all in the name of world play. My point is, your partner, Galentine, parents—whomever the date is on Wednesday—will appreciate it if you step off the high horse and realize we’re all young, dumb, and broke. Bloomsburg does a very nice job of offering budget-friendly entertainment all year-round. The university has not let us down for Valentine’s Day! Wednesday night, Monty’s will have a special, love-inspired restaurant night with a huge dessert bar; all available on a meal plan and some flex (you gotta ball a bit). If you’d enjoy a completely free night of romance, Program Board is hosting dinner and a movie Friday night at 6pm in the Kehr. The spread sounds delicious; lasagna, salad, cookies, drinks, all set to The Proposal! For those dying to get off campus, just keep in mind there is no shame in a 2-for-$20 or whipping out a voucher. Personally, I respect a guy who knows a good deal.


  1. Delete Tinder

Talk to a human person. Many many many articles have been published in Time, the New Yorker, and other respected publications that cite the paradox of choice online dating has created. Having more options available to us has made millennials go out constantly wondering if we could find someone better in the next swipe. Why do you think marriages used to happen so young and were seemingly hastier? Well, if Sara in 1987 met one amazing guy in her small town, that was it. Sara had no way of knowing other great guys existed, and she was happy, so what did it matter? Now, if Zach in 2018 has a fantastic date with Ashley from Bumble…he could find himself wondering if Maria from Tinder will like football as opposed to Ashley who doesn’t. Zach might be bested by Charlie, 23 who works out more and is two miles closer to Ashley. I challenge you all to talk to someone in line, dance with the cute guy across the room, or simply partner up with a stranger in class groups instead of your friends one time. It’s the week of Hallmark love, anything can happen.