Dog Withdrawals

Going to college is a freeing feeling; you no longer need to text your parents about your whereabouts, ask permission to hang with friends, or live under their rules. Really the only time homesickness hits you is when the first tear rolls down your mother’s cheek after dropping you to start your new life- but, by the time you walk down the hall of your residency, passing groups of people in the same shoes as you, inviting you to go out to eat with them, the homesickness fades away and you feel hopeful and free.

After your successful dinner with your new friends, you go back to your dorm and open your Twitter app. You’ll see about thirteen tweets titled, “Open for a surprise”. Each photo has an adorable dog in it either smiling, sneezing or staring right at you that will obviously brighten up your day. You witness these twelve more times within about the next three scrolls and suddenly you feel sick again. This time, you’re hit much harder with sadness and withdrawals.

 As the days pass, you realize your big group of friends has dwindled, for they only invited you to avoid being lonely until they found their clique, and the “Open for a surprise” tweets completely take over your Twitter feed.

You now realize why everyone says, “The only thing I miss while at college is my dog.” Your dog will never leave you for better owners or forget about you. Every time you walk in a room, your dog will greet you and love you, making you feel special. Your dog thinks you are the bee’s knees and loves you unconditionally. Despite all the pros that make college wonderful, the con of leaving your greatest admirer behind will be a withdrawal you cannot escape.