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Apples Mixed Kristine Mahan
Apples Mixed Kristine Mahan
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Does an Apple a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

Growing up, we’ve all heard the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but how true is it? I am going to dive deeper into the incredible health benefits of apples, and some of them might surprise you.

Disclaimer: Most of my research is from an amazing article which describes the effects apples have on our body in detail. That article is right here and is worth a read: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/10-health-benefits-of-apples#section11

According to Healthline.com, frequently consuming apples can drastically improve your health in a variety of ways. Apples are large and dense fruits that are packed full of both water and fiber. Essentially what this means is that apples help you feel fuller for longer and can promote weight loss. The results of one study stated, “People who ate apple slices before a meal felt fuller than those who consumed applesauce, apple juice, or no apple products. In the same study, those who started their meal with apple slices also ate an average of 200 fewer calories than those who didn’t.” This study, which was originally published by PubMed Central, is quite interesting. Eating an apple a day before a meal means you will likely cut back on 200 calories each time, which can add up quickly if done before each meal.

Apples are also a juicy and refreshing fruit that psychologically tend to make people feel better. For example, as someone who has a horribly unhealthy diet, eating an apple as opposed to potato chips makes me feel happy. The crisp, crunchy outside and the amount of time it takes to finish an apple keeps me away from eating junk food.

Although apples are typically sweet and refreshing, studies have shown that consuming one apple a day lowers a person’s risk for Type 2 Diabetes by nearly 30% as opposed to not consuming apples daily.

Healthline also reports that the soluble fiber in apples can improve your heart health. An apple’s outer peel has chemical components that have been proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Apples and their sister fruit pears have also been linked to reducing the risk for strokes due to its antioxidants. There is also evidence that the compounds in apples can reduce the risk of cancer, particularly in women.

For those with severe asthma, apples have been shown to protect lungs and reduce both symptoms and development of asthma. Apples are an antioxidant and can help protect your gut, lungs, and pancreas from oxidative damage.

One of the most interesting findings from my research is that apples can benefit age-related mental decline. The juice from an apple has been found to reduce harmful components in our brain tissue. In one study involving elderly rats, an apple’s juice actually restored their memory back to that of a youth rat. This experiment supports the idea that apples can help reduce the signs of aging in your brain which is amazing.

There are many unknown benefits to consuming apples, and hopefully you have developed an appreciation for them like I have. I personally love apples and now know that each time I eat an apple I am benefiting my body in so many ways. Whether its weight loss, Type 2 Diabetes, aging, or even asthma, apples can help improve your health and keep the doctor away. Looks like it’s time to go stock up on some apples (or 365 of them)!


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