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Derek Franchino ’15

Age: 22Year: SeniorHometown: Newton, NJMajor: ManagementRelationship Status: SingleOrganizations involved in: President of Alpha Chi Rho, Member of Phi Beta LambdaNickname(s): Finicci, D roc

Her Campus: What positions have you held in AXP?Derek Franchino: Social, Secretary, National Delegate, President, and “The Alpha Male”

HC: What were your original thoughts when trying to bring AXP back to campus?DF:  I needed to differentiate myself from the other business majors and I knew that by re-building the fraternity I originally pledged for, it would be good practice for building my own company in the future.  Plus, I knew this would mean more kegs in the future.  In doing so, it was really a big reason why I have the job that I do today.  Also, I love to be in the limelight; I am an outgoing guy and people know that.  Self-centered?  I don’t believe so, I just make moves and for the most part people laugh with me, not at me.  So I tried to make it a fun and self-rewarding experience, and it turned out to be just that.

HC: What has been your favorite college experience?DF:  Spring break by far.  It was insane and is at the top of the list, but freshman year is a whole other story with too many stories to tell, and the campus knew me.  Block Party and Watermelon Suck are always on point, too. Doing a 48 second keg stand sophomore year was cool.  I’d say the party the Russians and our house threw down on Irondale last year was pretty epic since we got fined a few days later for hosting over 1200 people. 

HC: You recently went to Panama City, FL for Spring Break, how was that experience?DF: I don’t think there is a word in the English language that can describe how epic PCB really was.  #Spinnakers.  DJ Pauli D was doing his thing and popping bottles at Club La Vela while I was front row, but I swear that was the worst champagne I’ve ever tasted.  Also, a stripper told me she liked my new hair-do so I am probably going to keep it now.     

HC: Where do you see yourself after graduation in the Spring?DF: Well, I currently manage the marketing department at a company here in Bloomsburg, so the plan is to keep up with that while I get my MBA here, then off to NYC working above the 40th floor in my own office.

Favorite Things:Movie: The Godfather(s), Forrest Gump, Jen Selter Instagram Workout Videos (yes they count), Boondock SaintsBest Date Spot in Bloomsburg: I love long romantic walks to the barSexiest Trait in a Female: I dig a girl that isn’t a pushover, but will make time for meCelebrity Crush: The list is long, but a few are: Jennifer Aniston, Claudia Sampedro, Jen Selter, and K10 of course.Artist: There’s a lot, but RHCP, Nas, Brocness, Rage Against The Machine, Old-school Lil Wayne, Hova, A$AP Rocky, D roc (yes, I used to rap back in the day), and I definitely have to put 50 Cent on this list. Add Eminem too.Sports Team: SF 49er’s, Team AXPQuote: “Tag Me!Biggest Turn On: Tan skin, athletic fit. 

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