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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

Looking to get away but only can spare one day? Here are some local trips perfect for the person who only has one day to get away. Grab your roommates, friends, significant other, or family members and take a day for yourself to get your mind off school.


  1. Ricketts Glen State Park-waterfalls. With the captivating views, need I say more?
  1. Centralia- This “burning town” is a unique sight worth seeing, especially when the leaves are changing in the fall. The infamous graffiti highway is located here but explore it at your own risk!
  1. Can U Xcape- an escape room in downtown Bloomsburg. These have been popping up everywhere, and they seem to be a great way to spend a couple of hours and take stress off of your mind! Worth trying it out with a group of people!
  1. Catawissa Train Ride- Take a scenic train ride while sightseeing for only $20.
  1. Reptile Land- Pretty self-explanatory… just a land full of reptiles, only about 40 minutes away.
  1. Little League Museum- if you’re into baseball and softball, check out this museum and brush up on your little league knowledge.  
  1. Covered Bridges- “No two covered bridges are alike and each one has its own history, personality, and story to tell.” 

And of course, you can always hit up the local bowling alleys, movie theaters, and hometown restaurants. Take a day for yourself and visit one of these local places for a day trip!