Daily Thoughts of a College Student

Oh my god. People do not understand the daily struggle college students go through these days. High schoolers, don’t pretend you can relate as if high school is so hard; its not. You’ll be in our shoes shortly and realize how wrong you were in comparing the two. And parents, if I hear you try to compare your college experience to mine one more time, I will stab you with a fork. My college experience is completely different from yours. You use the excuse, “it’s a different time/world” all the time, so it is my turn to say the same. There are daily struggles that only college students experience.

  1. If we aren’t thinking it every second of the day, we at least worry about this once a day,  WE ARE PAYING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR WHAT?? There is no guarantee that after our time in college we will get a job in a field we want, doing something we like, or just making enough money for us to pay off all the debt we are getting ourselves into. Is this really worth it???
  2. Internships are not as easy as getting a job, there is so much research and work that goes in to getting one that no one is there to help you with. Once you graduate, you’re expected to be 22 with 8 years of experience and a masters, but HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! 
  3. Our work load is hopefully the most it will ever be during our time in college. On top of having classes, we have like fourteen assignments to do for each of them, therefore our stress levels are through the roof. And odds are we are not getting enough sleep because we have so much to do in such a short period of time. Also, most of us have jobs so we can afford to buy things...LIKE COLLEGE!! 
  4. Half of the classes and assignments we actually pay for and are required to do are not even useful...LIKE AT ALL!! There is no reason any college student should have to spend time and money to take a GenEd class that is no where near related to our future. 
  5. And last, but certainly least, we think about the next time we will be able to pour some toxic beverage people call alcohol down our throats to forget our sorrows and memories of that night. College nights are often forgettable, but turn into memorable stories afterwards. Most of them, start with “LET’S BLACK OUT” and end with “no, I’m totally fine” as you throw up into the toilet.