The Box (Halloween Edition)

Creeeeeek. Slowly, the door started to push open. With intense curiosity and anticipation, the thing at the door suddenly took priority over who her friend’s cousin’s mother’s dog’s original owner’s boyfriend cheated on her with. No one dared take their attention off the door.

What would come in? Who would come in? Would it be Nosferatu? It couldn’t be; the lights weren’t flickering. Could it be a one-eyed-one-horned-flying-purple-eater? It couldn’t be; there was no rock n’ roll music playing. Instead, the only audible sound was that of hearts beating against chests. Ta-tump, ta-tump.

Finally, there was a scraping sound against the door followed by an “ahh, what are you doing?!”

The girls in the room looked at each other with wide eyes wondering whether to go check it out or stay in their comfy, padded conference chairs. The answer was clear, everyone would stay where they were… you know… just in case it was the headless horseman coming to find a new head or something like that.

“Ew, this thing is falling apart on me.” A different voice this time. Could it be a decaying zombie?

There were more scaping sounds and finally the door started to screech open once more. At long last, the door was open enough to see something. It was short. No taller than a foot off the ground. It had a brown, pointy edge to it and enough dust and debris coming off it that it could only be one thing; a small, robot grizzly bear cub with pointy razor ears for cutting our throats with!

In the end, the door swung wide open and two girls kicked it hard enough to send it flying through the door frame. Everyone in the room stood and ran towards it when they finally saw what it was.

It was a box but no ordinary box. It was a box with girl survival items in it from brands such as Aeropostale, Bed Head by TIGI haircare, L’Oreal, Spindrift, Erin Condren, Hi-Chew, and more!

I received an adorable 8-pack of gold colored rings from Aeropostale. The package says they’re only one size, but they’re not. On the plus side, I can wear multiple of them on different sized fingers simultaneously. Only four of these rings have something on top of the ring (i.e one with an arrow curled into a ring shape, one with a dazzling moon on top, one with a big, round, iridescent gem, and one with a small shiny gem made to look like a diamond). The other four are plain rings with nothing super special about them. The cool thing that I found about these though is that you can pair a plain ring with a fancier looking one on the same finger to make a cute set. By doing so, it’s not even noticeable that they’re two separate rings. They make a great addition to any outfit!