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Best Moves for a Night In

Every once in awhile a long stressful week calls for a night in with your gal pals. The fomo might kick in, but your body will thank you for a relaxing night in instead of tearing up the dance floor. One night in on occasion won’t hurt, I promise the bars and frat parties will be there the next night. So what’s a fun yet relaxing way to spend your night?


Disney Marathon– Everyone loves a classic disney movie, whether you’re looking for a hopeless love story or a laugh from Olaf. They never seem to disappoint. It reminds you of your childhood, which will help you forget about the stresses of real life. You can cuddle up on the couch with a comfy blanket and call it a week.


Wine and Snacks — Wine pairs well with anything, especially a movie. Grab a glass of your favorite moscato with some popcorn and settle on down for the night. It’s a great way to throw away the hectic week you managed to make it through. It’ll knock off your edge from the day and late night snacking will satisfy your cravings. Popcorn, chips, or even chocolate are a good pairing with your glass of wine.


Hot bath and Bubbles — The talk of the town are these little bath bombs lately. The female population seems to be obsessed with them, but I have to admit they are pretty impressive. Personally, this idea is a go-to for me. The warm water will relax your muscles and the aroma from the bubbles will soothe your mind. Grab a good book and read a few chapters while you soak up your tub time. Add a few candles and it’s the perfect settled night in.


Sleeping– By the time Friday afternoon rolls around the only thing on my mind is sneaking under the covers and hitting the pillow. Within five minutes I can be out cold until the next morning. Some weeks can really take the life out of you and there is absolutely nothing wrong with tapping out of a drinking night to catch up on some Z’s. Your liver will be happy to have a night off and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed instead of hungover.


Heading Home– Sometimes a break from the college lifestyle is necessary. The drive home will give you time to clear your head of unwanted thoughts and a hug from your mom will warm your heart. You can kick back in your sweatpants in the comfort of your own home. Most likely there’s food in the cabinets and you’re not raiding your pantry for what’s left. There’s typically a particular comfort of home and you don’t have to worry about night owls keeping you up from yelling outside your window.

There’s plenty of ways to spend a comfortable night in. Don’t forget to balance your social life while maintaining your personal and mental health. A night in allows you to recover and enjoy some time with your girls or alone, whichever you prefer.  

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