Anti-Valentine's Day

I am all for supporting love and happiness. Seeing single people looking for the love or couples celebrating can be heartwarming! Valentine’s Day can be a big holiday for some people- it could be the day their crush asks them on a date, or the day many couples get engaged. Even with all the good that can come with Valentine’s Day, every year I dread it. 


Here are some reasons why I am against Valentine’s Day:


  1. The holiday puts pressure on people to find a valentine or date
  2. It is used as a ploy for people to spend money on material things
  3. That being said, it is hard to come up with new gifts every year
  4. We should celebrate love every day, not just one day of the year
  5. If you plan on going out to eat or getting a hotel, good luck with reservations
  6. Truth be told, Public Displays of Affection (PDA) can be a little awkward
  7. Lastly, there are other couples that are not as readily accepted as heterosexual couples within society