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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

College will teach you a lot of things, some will be good and others will be bad.  Your whole life changes once you move to college. You will face things you never thought you would have to and you will face struggles you don’t think you will ever overcome. But you will also have the chance to experience the best years of your life and you will make great memories that you can always look back on.


1. You will miss home more than you think.

I never thought I was going to miss being at home and having rules to live by, but I was wrong. I miss home-cooked meals and coming home after a long day of school to chat with my family. I miss waking up on Sunday mornings to breakfast on the table and enjoying family time. Cherish your time at home for as long as you can because I can guarantee you will miss it.


2. You will be stressed one week and living your best life another week.

One week you will have a ton of assignments and exams due and another week you will have absolutely nothing to do.You will be stressed out more than you think, and that is okay because you get to look forward to the stress-free weeks.No matter how overstretched you become, you will get through it. That assignment will get done and that one exam will not ruin your life. Do not let stress take over your life! College only lasts for 4 or 5 years, and you do not want the pressure of assignments to ruin your experience. You will always have something due, but you need to take time to have fun and spend time with your friends every once in a while.


3. You will meet some of your closest friends.

You will meet people in college that will become your best friends and people that you cannot see your life without. They will be there for you through it all, whether it be good or bad. They will be the people you can call late at night to go on a drive with or to get ice cream with when you’re sad. You will meet people that truly care about you. By far, the best thing about being in college as compared to high school is that college is 24/7 time spent with your friends. Even when classes are over, your friends live on campus with you and you get to spend time with them until you go to sleep. You will likely meet your life long best friends here and you won’t even realize it.


4. It is okay to not always look your best.

At first you are going to think you have to look good everyday in class. That is WRONG. People do not care what you look like when you’re going to class. Everyone is in the same boat of going to bed late and getting up early. In high school, you probably felt like you needed to dress nice every day and wake up early to do your hair and makeup. No one has time to look good all the time in college, and it is going to save you so much time. It is okay to wear sweats and a t-shirt. Always wear what you want to wear and never let anyone make you feel bad about it.


5. You will go through life changes you never thought you would.

You will face things in your college life that you never thought you would have to.You will deal with times that you do not think you can get through. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes and we all have to deal with the consequences.College prepares you to be a strong independent person that can face anything life throws at you. College will shape you into the person you are destined to become.


College will make you want to cry and sometimes you may even consider dropping out, but it is also one of the best experiences you will ever have. Study hard and enjoy every moment you can in college before it is too late. Before you know it, you will be sitting at graduation about to accept your diploma and enter the real world. No matter how you spend your short time in school, remember to take a step back and have fun every now and then, because this is the best time to do it!



Hi! Im Jessie and im a senior here at Bloomsburg! I am a marketing major and human resource minor.
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