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5 Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Make On a Budget

While Halloween is a few weeks away, you may begin wondering what you want to be for the holiday. However, being a college student means you may not have the time and money you need to be able to get a costume from the store or create some kind of elaborate and expensive costume that would take a lot of dough and days to work on. That is why I have compiled a list of 5 Halloween Costumes that you can create with minimal time, money, and effort. 


1. Kim Possible 

The teen hero from Disney Channel’s Kim Possible, is a pretty simple costume to put together with the right clothing. 

What you will need: 

* A black long sleeved shirt. In the show she shows her middrift with the shirt so you can either cut the shirt to show that, tuck it in or tie it back to make an illusion of the belly shirt, or if you are not comfortable with that, leave it as is. 

* Cargo pants 

* Optional: Red hair (either wig or hair dye), fingerless gloves, a belt (possibly a utility belt),& a “Kimmunicator”(you can get cell phone cases with the Kim Possible “Kimmunicator” look, a toy “Kimmunicator” online, or just simply get the Kim Possible ring tone and take you cell phone off silent for the night). 

* Tip: Saying Kim’s famous catch phrases like “What’s the sitch” or “So not the drama” are fun add ons to the character you are being for the night 


2. Baseball Player 

While this can work for multiple different sports, baseball player is one of the easiest to do. Many of these things you can find at your local thrift store. 

What you will need: 

* A baseball cap 

* A baseball jersey or T shirt decorated like a baseball jersey or even just a plain t shirt (though if you are to go with plain T-Shirt route you may want to also add the optional props to help people definitely know who you are) 

* Plain shorts to match one of the colors in your jersey or team shirt 

* Tube socks 

* Sneakers (preferably converse) 

* Optional: Baseball, baseball bat, & baseball glove 

* Tip: If you are making or buying your outfit separately make sure to color coordinate. You can make up a fake team if you are designing your own shirt and hat or get a jersey and hat to reflect a team you love, but coordinating the colors will make your costume look even better. 

3. Princess 

A classic costume, but a good one. 

What you will need: 

* A fancy or formal looking dress (while this is not always easy to find if you did not already bring some kind of formal dress with you to college or if you have one at home you can get. However, you can usually find a nice dress for a couple of dollars at the local Goodwill. It does not have to be extremely fancy, but should at least look like a dress that you could wear to a formal event) 

* Flats, heels, lace up boots, or flip flops (honestly any shoes besides sneakers will do just fine) 

* A Plastic tiara (this can be purchased at the dollar store) 

* Optional: a toy scepter, a dress up shawl, and/or white gloves. All of these items can most likely be found at the Dollar store costume section or local costume store. 

* Tip: If you wish to be a Disney princess and happen to have blonde hair (or do not mind having inaccurate hair color or are willing to dye it or wear a wig), Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty, is most likely the easiest princess to dress up as if you wish to be specifically a Disney princess. Just make sure you have a pink dress similar to the one and color she is wearing in the film. 

4. Bed Head 

This is one of the simplest costumes to make as you most likely already own many or if not all of the items and clothing needed to bring to costume to life. 

What you will need: 

* Pajama set (preferably matching pajamas or ones with a t shirt and cute fuzzy pants or just pajama pants in general, as long as it is long pajama pants any will do. 

* A Robe 

* Messy hair (the crazier you can make your hair look, the better) 

* Slippers 

* Optional: A teddy bear or cute plush you can carry around with you, a onesie instead of the robe and pajamas (though this may cost you a bit more money if you already do not have the costume), picture book, etc. 

* Tip: To make your hair crazy looking you can either mess it up yourself or take a combination of a curling iron and hair spray to fixture it into a certain crazy shape or style you want 

5. A Lego 

An unusual one, but easy one. This toy is simple, timeless, and makes for a great costume. 

What you will need: 

* A rectangular box that is long enough to reach your waist, but big enough to fit your head, upper body, and arms into. 

* Scissors (will only need these to cut arm holes and head hole) 

* 6 Colorful Plastic Bowls 

* Hot Glue (to glue bowls onto front of costume) 

* Paint (you should paint the bowls to match whatever color you are making the box) 

* Optional: N/A 

* Tip: It may be easier to buy the bowls as the color you want to paint your box, to save time, money, and paint.


My name is Jessica and I love reading,musicals, TV shows (especially Arrow), comics, watching movies and Netflix, and traveling. I am a Mass Communications major, with a concentration in Journalism, at Bloomsburg University and I plan to graduate in May 2018. I hope to go onto to work in book publishing or writing for some kind of media outlet as well as working in a major city such as New York or Philadelphia.
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