5 Cool Charities You Can Donate To

While there are a lot of charities that people constantly donate to like the Ronald McDonald House or Make-A-Wish, there are some lesser known organizations that you can donate your time and money to.


Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is an organization that helps young girls in the technology field. Whether it be helping to fund programs for girls to learn coding at school, funding a video game someone is producing, or helping close technology field gender gap, Girls Who Code reaches forty thousand girls all around the country. If you would like to help these girls, you can donate:



Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read is a company that is very dear to my heart and one I have donated to in the past. This organization helps to give books to children, as well as mix pediatric care and reading. This program is a new take on how children experience doctors’ visits and health care by incorporating reading and books. By donating to the company, you can help purchase books, or help new and existing program sites. If you want to contribute to a program that encourages reading and healthy living you can donate here:



Cary Creative Center

This organization seems to be small, but is striving to make a big impact. Cary Creative Center is a nonprofit organization based in North Carolina whose goal is turning trash to treasure. To help promote environmental wellness and recycling, the organization hosts charity events and workshops that help turn everyday junk or waste into items that they can use around the house or even wear, from chairs to artwork to bags and more. If you would like to donate to help spread the joy of crafting and conservation click here:



Fuck Cancer  

Fuck Cancer (or F Cancer as it is sometimes referred to,) is a charity that strives to use donations to help find ways to prevent cancer, research cancer, educate people on cancer, and other things, all revolving around helping cancer patients and cancer research. The company frequently partners with Arrow actor Stephen Amell, as he helps to create and run t-shirt campaigns to help raise money for the organization. If you would like to donate your money to help cancer research, prevention, education, and more click here:



Puppies Behind Bars

Puppies Behind Bars is an organization that may seem a little controversial to some, but actually can help both humans and animals alike. This organization brings dogs to be trained by people in correctional facilities. These dogs will eventually be given to war veterans as support animals, or to law enforcement to help sniff out drugs. This charity helps the prisoners by acting like a rehabilitation program, helps the dogs by giving them company and attention, and helps war vets and law enforcement by training their dogs. By donating to this organization, you can help keep it running and continue its practices. If you would like to donate please click here:




Girls Who Code: https://girlswhocode.com/

Reach Out and Read: http://www.reachoutandread.org/

Cary Creative Center:   http://carycreativecenter.org/

Fuck Cancer: https://www.letsfcancer.com/

Puppies Behind Bars: http://www.puppiesbehindbars.com/home