3 Things You Can Do When Midterms Are Over

With Midterm week soon coming to an end, you are probably going to feel way more relaxed after they are over and done with. In celebration of getting through the half way point and one of the hardest tests of the semester, here are a few activities you can do once you turn in your last midterm. 


  1. Hang out with Friends

Seeing as you have probably been in your dorm room for the past week struggling to remember equations, write papers, study vocab, etc. then you may have been neglecting your friends to hit the books. However, with the exams now behind you, you should try to spend some time with your friends. Maybe you can plan to go out in town together, or maybe you can just have a movie night, or attend an event on campus. The possibilities are endless. Having a good time with friends can cause the stress from tests to go down, and the ability to focus on having a good time go up. So if you want to have an enjoyable time after hours of testing throughout the week, then this is one way to do so.


  1. Have Fun by Yourself

Maybe after testing, you would rather stay in. If so, that is great too. In fact, there are tons of ways that you can have an enjoyable time alone. One way is to simply pamper yourself by doing your nails or hair. Or maybe you want to binge watch the new season of a TV show on Netflix you have been neglecting, or perhaps there is a highly anticipated book you have been meaning to pick up. Whatever you do to relax by yourself can be great, especially after finishing a big test.


  1. Get Started On Your Homework

Okay, so maybe this is not a great way to relax, but hear me out. After finishing your last exam, you will probably still have other projects, assignments, or tests to study for. By getting a head start on these homework assignments you will have a more clear and free weekend to be able to spend however you please. While it’s important to take a break and remember to not overdo it (it’s okay to take a break if you need to and don’t want to do homework right away), getting your school work out of the way once you are finished testing can be a great thing because it will give you more free time later in the day or week to do what you please.


So, what do you think of these ideas? Do you have your own ideas for how you destress? Comment with them below and I wish you all the best of luck on your midterms and beyond.