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10 Easy Halloween Costumes: College Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

Halloween is easily one of the best holidays ever invented, and it makes for a great party. If you are like me, however, choosing a costume is so freakin’ hard. Halloween stores charge insane amounts of money for cliché, poorly made costumes that we have all seen a million times. Here are some easy Halloween costumes you can make yourself when you pull up to a college Halloween party.

1. Barbie 

Because life in plastic is oh-so fantastic.

2. Mesmerizing Mermaid

Top this one off with some merm-tastic makeup and you’re a woman of the sea.


 3. Bad Witches Only

Throw on a scandalous black outfit, some dark lipstick, and a witch hat, and now you’re a bad witch.

4.  Football Player

Borrow a football jersey off one of your guy friends and you’re all good.

5. Playboy Bunny

All you need for this one is a black body suit, a pair of bunny ears, and a fluffy tail

6. Bad Chick Boxer

Just grab a cute sports bra, pair of compression shorts, a robe, and your fighting skills.

7. Happy Hippy

This costume gives you an excuse to raid the nearest thrift store, AND get some super cute clothes for your everyday life.

8. Scary Skeleton

BEWARE: The skeleton costume does require some makeup skills, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

9. Bae-Watch Babe

Now there’s a reason to wear a swimsuit in October. Have fun giving mouth to mouth!

10. Jailbird

This one is super easy and you most likely already own most of the costume.

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My name is Emily Andrusko and I am the Campus Correspondent here for the BloomU Chapter. I am a senior and a Marketing major at Bloomsburg University. I love eating chipotle burritos and binging FRIENDS! This club is perfect for you if you believe in inspiring young women!