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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Birmingham chapter.

Free, Free, Free

There is nothing worse than running out of money the second you walk through the club doors. The taxi man has decided he’ll over charge you because you were 10 seconds late getting to the taxi; then you get to the club and you’ve forgotten your student card so are forced to pay full entry price :-O!

The best part of house parties is inviting all your friends round, regardless of available funds, you’re in for a good night…all money is dedicated to alcohol (Whoohoo).

“One too many”

There is always that one group of girls who feel the need to shot every spirit behind the bar and then result in them being dragged out by the bouncers screaming how sober they are and how it was her fault.

1. No bouncer authority at your own house controlling what you get up to!

2. None of those erratic drinkers spoiling your night as you can be choosey with invites.

Toilet ‘judgement day’

Sometimes walking into the toilets can be so daunting! Girls assemble in front of the mirrors pouting, breathing in, making their dresses way to short etc ZZZ. And then there is you, just normal you having a good time… being completely judged by the club queen bees! Ugh!

Throwing a house party is so appealing when considering this!

Your house, your rules

Ever feel like you can’t completely be yourself in a club? Dorky dance moves not appropriate for Mechu? Outfit not glam enough to fit into Gatecrasher? Make you own rules of NO RULES!