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Neck And Nominates Have Gone Too Far!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Birmingham chapter.

Over the last few weeks it hasn’t been possible to log onto your Facebook without seeing yet another moronic “neck and nominate” video. They have absolutely inundated my news feed of late, and I think it is time people started to realise that perhaps it has gone on just that little bit too long now, they’re not funny, and some of them are getting so out of hand they are just plain stupid. The principle is, for those of you that somehow still don’t know, to down or “neck” a pint of drink, film it, put it on social media sites and then nominate friends to do the same, not forgetting the crucial reminder “you have 24 hours guys”. As if we need telling though, we have heard and seen that about a million times now. The drinking game was originally believed to have started in 2008 in Cambridge however the social media aspect was introduced by Australia. The first few I saw were fairly tame, some even just plain old pints. Then people started to get cocky. People thought it made them look big if they made a dirty pint, and put in it a bizarre concoction of spirits and various other drinks. Clearly, it wasn’t an enjoyable experience but they felt the need to do it anyway. I’m sure many regretted it when they had to face the aftermath. However, why stop there? Why just drink…drinks? Don’t be silly, that’s not funny. So then comes the introduction of the other various substances, which obviously help make the neknominee to look extra cool. Some chose to play it safe, adding in various food substances and sauces, Tabasco and chilli sauce seemed to be a favourite. Some boys clearly felt their daily protein was an essential to add to their beefy image, whether that be in the form of a couple of eggs or even just a scoop of their “whey” protein or whatever it is. Really cool boys, really cool. Once again though why stop there, why just stick to things that are meant to be consumed through one’s mouth? So then things seemed to get even more revolting. Human bodily excretions. Urine and faeces. I’m sure they’re really delicious guys, and I’m sure the likes you got on Facebook were worth the humiliation and absolute vulgarity of the experience. I just do not understand for one second why the thought of pooing in a cup, mixing in beer and then drinking it would even cross someone’s mind in the first place.  I am fairly certain they must have more than one screw loose. At least however this won’t kill you. Not like some people who thought it was clever to drink bathroom products. Great idea to drink bleach, that’s known for tasting great and most definitely not being poisonous at all. I think it is fair to say that things have undoubtedly got out of control in a bid to be funny. Not only are people drinking dangerous things, they are also doing dangerous things to accompany their delicious cocktails to once again try and get more likes on their Facebook videos and clearly so everyone thinks they are a massive lad. For example a 32 year old man made the news after jumping from a 90 foot bridge in Cornwall into 6 foot of water after having his drink, all on video of course and straight on Facebook. You would think aged 32 he might have known better, especially after it was reported that the body of a 19 year old boy was found in Ireland floating in a river after he had reportedly jumped as part of his nomination. His isn’t the only death believed to be caused by the new craze. People are doing vulgar as well as dangerous things for example one man poured his beer down the toilet and was then held upside down by his friends while he lapped it up. I’m amazed people are still continuing to do it and still encourage it after it has caused people to lose their lives.

 One mother tried to put people off participating by sharing the below picture online to try and shock people into realising the effects it can have.

 On a slightly nicer note, “RAK and nominate” is perhaps one positive thing to come out of the craze. This stands for “Random Act of Kindness”. There have been a few videos demonstrating this which have gone viral, in which people give food and drinks to homeless people on the streets. However, once again one wonders is this purely for the Facebook likes? It is sad if people wouldn’t just do simple things like that anyway without the incentive of a few thousand likes.  However, likes or no likes it is still a lovely thing to do that should be encouraged much more than neck and nominate should. So to conclude, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink with your mates and having a good time, but why not have a drink you actually enjoy, a drink you like, a drink that will enable you to enjoy the rest of the night. I know it is a very controversial topic at the moment which has many mixed opinions, but if you get nominated, just think of those boys that died, think about if what you’re doing is really that funny or whether it is just ridiculously annoying for everyone who has to see it clogging up their news feed. Trust me, there’s better things you can spend your time and money doing.