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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Birmingham chapter.

Nominated for tonnes of awards and one of tinseltown’s elite, Leonardo DiCaprio is undoubtedly Hollywood’s man of the moment and most women’s secret (obvious) obsession. Gifted with not only top notch acting skills – with Wolf of Wall Street co-star Matthew McConaughey hailing him, ‘one of our generations best actors’. But also  the rare talent of managing to become even more attractive with age – queue crowds of screaming fan-girls and middle aged woman. The thing with Leo is that not only can we credit it him with making quality films, but he’s also incredibly involved in charity work. He set up the ‘Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’ which encourages more awareness of environmental issues and according to newspaper reports he also recently gave $3 million to help save tigers in Nepal. So basically, he’s only getting better with age, wants to save us from global warming and wants to save the animals.

What more do the women of earth want?

In continuation of the Leonardo DiCaprio appreciation club, below is just a brief timeline of Leo’s working life and why he has been a complete stud since 1974. 

Romeo and Juliet 

For those of you who cite ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as being one of Leo’s few bad films, you are very wrong. Despite being 21, Leo managed to look like a 17 year old Romeo and I am not ashamed to say and let’s all be honest, who didn’t want to be Claire Danes in those scenes.  


Okay, pretty much every girl has sat and cried at this film – then cried that they haven’t got a boy like Jack Dawson.  Not only has he got the whole poor charming artist thing going on, he now seems old enough for adult women to fawn over as well as teenage girls. 

The Great Gatsby

So Leo taking on the chief character of one of Americas greatest literary novels, filled with decadence and idealism – succeeds in making everyone wish they were daisy.

The Wolf of Wall Street 

A film that in some parts appears to be an advert for drugs and women, and yet we are bothered in the slightest… Leo can do no wrong. 


Someone give the guy an Oscar….