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Campus Cutie: Joslyn Pannu

Name? Joslyn Pannu

Hometown? Hong Kong

Course? Law

Year? Third

Relationship status? Taken 

Most memorable uni moment? Panic attack and visit from the paramedics the day after Confessions in first year, then never being allowed to forget it.

Favourite chat up line? “Hi, are you Asian? Because I’m China get on you”

Favourite student meal? Dixy’s

What are you best known for? My (NOT AMERICAN) accent and my Asianness.

If you could have a superpower what would it be? Super power would be time travel, because I’m so lazy, I’d have to relive days twice because the first time round will have been wasted.

Favourite uni night out? The drunk ones.

Drink of choice? cheap vodka and flavoured water. I’m classy.

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