Yes, Women DO Watch Superhero Shows.

The term “stereotype”, as defined by Google, “is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing”

People are stereotyped all of the time, especially when the time to get to know them is simply not taken. Women get the brunt of this, in fact it has been occurring for years upon years, still being a problem to this day. Now, I do not plan to go into the deep feminism talk and women’s rights talk that I very much can talk about for hours, but I am going to go into something that is not spoken about often enough. 

CW Superhero Shows. Yes, your read right. Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and DC Legends of Tomorrow, four of my favorite shows ever since they premiered on the CW.  

When I speak of these shows and how much of a fan I am of them, I get many different reactions. They range from “whoa! you watch The Flash? You’re so cool” to “You watch Arrow, girls are into those type of shows? Don’t they only watch like Gossip Girl?” “Do you only watch because you think the guys are good looking?” It is hard to understand why it can’t just be deemed as normal. While I do indeed love me some Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl, Superhero shows are ones that I enjoy watching the most, and I can speak for many other women who have the same interests and beliefs. I will admit that Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) and Stephan Amell (Oliver Queen) are incredibly easy on the eyes and not hard to watch at all, that is not the only reason why I choose to watch these shows. I am a sucker for the action. Love stories are great and envious, but give me a fight and I won’t be able to take my eyes off.

But most importantly there is Sara and Laurel Lance, Felicity Smoak, Alex Danvers, Amiya Jiwe, Caitlin Snow,  Iris West and of course Kara Danvers aka Supergirl. These are all strong women portrayed in the “Arrowverse” who kick as much ass as any man in any of those shows. They portray characteristics and qualities of strong, independent women who stand up for themselves, what they love and what they believe in. They will serve as role models for young girls for many years who feel they may not be strong enough to do all of these things. Growing up, we were indulged in the culture that taught us about Batman, Superman, Spider Man, but the women in their lives were never the main focus. They carry the movies, like the above women carry the shows. I’m telling you, Barry Allen would be gone for if it weren't for Iris. You can choose to believe me or not.

So whether you are reading this now or years from now, know that stereotypes will remain, but it is what we do with it that counts. Watch whatever you want, do whatever you want because the only opinion that matters is yours.

Felicity Smoak says, “Do not mistake my kindness for weakness, I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.” The same goes to all of us women out there. Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Badass.