Is What's Hot In Edinburgh, Not In Binghamton? Chapter 1: Teased Hair

The answer to this particular blog entry is obvious. Before I arrived in Edinburgh I thought only Tracy from Style Network’s “Jerseylicious” still repped teased hair. Those of you who have seen the show can easily remember Tracy’s motto, “the higher the hair, the closer you are to Heaven”.

However, I’m pretty sure “Heaven” and its' occupants want nothing to do with your big hair, especially as it emits the odor of what seems like twenty cans of hairspray and to be frank, I don’t really even know anybody who uses hairspray anymore. My last encounter with it was probably around 1997, when my Grandmother decided to tame my mane, cursing out my “flyaways”. But I’m not here to hate on hairspray, because to me the real problem is teased hair in general.

In Edinburgh, teased hair is referred to as the “back comb”. A process that seems simple while realistically being quite technical. The look that they achieve resembles both a brillo pad and a pile of disturbed hay. It’s comical that this “I just rolled out of bed look” actually forces them to roll out of bed super early in order to perfect. When I see girls on campus with the “back comb” I pray that they haven’t stuck their finger in the electrical socket, or that they are trying out for a new Tim Burton adaptation. All in all, I’m pretty sure that the “back comb” will remain absent from the campus of Binghamton but I wonder if they get better wireless reception?

What are your thoughts on teased hair!?