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I am a huge advocate for making new playlists so here are twenty-five songs to ease your February emotions – a month filled with love, heartache & self-reflection: 


  • The Other Side – Conan Gray

This song reminds me of that feeling of driving through your childhood neighborhood, still lost in the nostalgic memories of being young and in high school – it’s perfect for late night self-reflection, and to me, this song literally tucks you in at night.


  • Nellie – Dr. Dog

This song helps me cope when I’m romanticizing the people in my life too much, this embodies that self-realization to a boppy melody and it’s much appreciated.


  • Talk Too Much – COIN

This song is perfect for commuting – all you want to do is just bop along to the relatable lyrics and rhythm (also I am a biased fan of COIN but they really are the best).


  • Say It – Maggie Rogers

This song is off of Maggie Rogers’ new album titled Heard It In A Past Life and it is such a masterpiece! I

love the full album but this song specifically has very genuine lyrics that hit you right in the feels while simultaneously making me want to dance around the room.


  • Higher – Rihanna

Rihanna’s album ANTI still remains a superior album… and this song will forever give me chills.


  • Golden – Hippo Campus

This song gives me so many emotions and I felt like it fit the February-emotional-rollercoaster-aesthetic

especially when dealing with loneliness in a month known for emphasizing romance and relationships.  


  • Talk – Khalid, Disclosure

This is a new release! Khalid just consistently puts out bops it’s great – this one is chill and groovy, so it’s perfect for the daytime college commuter running around doing things ! :)


  • The Louvre – Lorde

This song is what I imagine falling in love feels like… also, I can’t make a playlist without at least one song off of Melodrama (sorry not sorry).


  • Every Kind of Way – H.E.R.

This artist and album are officially Grammy Award Winning! H.E.R.’s music has changed me as a

person…  also, more specifically, this song makes me really want to be in love, a big February mood.


  • needy – Ariana Grande

This new album from Ariana has single-handedly saved the pop industry… and this song really discusses some valid points about how women in relationships can and should be ‘needy’…women have a right to their emotions and should never feel ashamed for being insecure or not always putting up such a strong front emotionally. Also, it helps that this song is so boppy. A win in my book.


  • Julia – Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy is one of those artists that you could listen to for days and not get tired of them. This song always gives me chills. Lyrics, Vibe and overall Musical Composition are all on point here.


  • i’m so tired… – Lauv, Troye Sivan

This song screams Relatable Content! Got to love the anti-love pop ballad. Also Troye Sivan and

Lauv collaborating is such a win in my book I hope they come out with more collabs together.


  • It Ain’t Wrong Loving You – HONNE

This song makes me feel warm – that’s the only way I can describe it. It just tells love how it is, simple and unforgiving – “I love you and there’s nothing wrong with feeling this way” positive mindset.  Also, HONNE is so talented.


  • Something to Feel – Mac Ayres

Mac Ayres! Such an underrated artist in my opinion. The lyrics of this song give me goosebumps and the mellow chill vibe is perfect for studying, sleeping, walking (literally anything!!!)


  • I Couldn’t Be More In Love – The 1975

Never was a big The 1975 girl BUT this new album… and this song in general… the talent jumped out!


  • All That and More (Sailboat) – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

I want Rainbow Kitten Surprise to do the soundtrack for my life. They just evoke such a depth of emotion in their music and artistry it really blows me away every time. This particular song and the lyrics really make me want to be able to feel such strong emotions towards another human being So Bad – perfect for the February Hopeless Romantic vibe.


  • Dreams (Remastered) – Fleetwood Mac

I physically am incapable of making a playlist without putting Dreams by Fleetwood Mac on it – so here she is (pretty much speaks for itself).


  • Loving Is Easy – Rex Orange County

Rex! Orange! County! This song and this artist are lovely. Absolutely lovely. That’s all there is to say.


  • As I Am – H.E.R.

Okay, so H.E.R., once again, is a newly Grammy Award Winning Artist, therefore I had to put another

song of hers on this playlist. It is from her newer e.p. and is a perfect daytime r&b jam. 


  • everythingoes – RM, NELL

This song, and this mixtape, holds a special place in my heart. It’s from the artist RM, a member of the South Korean boyband BTS. He released this indie/rap-like playlist back in October. It is simply the perfect rainy day, self reflection, sad boy hours mixtape. This song in particular is more about the release of the negative tensions that your own mind holds on to and dwells over – instead it deals with coming to terms with the fact that everything moves forward or ‘everythingoes’. It is a mixture of korean and english but when looking into the lyrics and the overall vibe of the song you can feel that negative weight being released from your own subconscious, and it’s refreshing.


  • in my head – Ariana Grande

This song connects to me on such a spiritual level. Her new album is really That Good. This song is

beyond relatable, also very very boppy. I love pop music with genuine meaning!!


  • Malibu 1992 – COIN

I would choose this song to play in the background of my coming of age documentary directed by Greta Gerwig. She’s that pretty. Also COIN!


  • Crush Culture – Conan Gray

This song is the epitome of February Anti-Love Pop Anthem. It just really hits home how relatable the lyrics and vibe of this song have on me personally, but also on dating/hookup culture of the 21st century. Conan Gray owns my heart, he’s such an icon.  


  • She – dodie

Dodie is one of the best artists out there. Her lyrics are poetry. Her voice is art & this song breaks my heart (that unintentionally rhymed, my bad) – it deals with the rollercoaster of emotions and woes that arise when falling in love with a girl. So devastating, yet so beautiful.


  • Serendipity (Full Length Edition) – BTS

Ending this playlist with a personal favorite. Yes, this song is a mix of Korean and English. But, it is

so beautiful and discusses a lot of gorgeous metaphors of self love and destined fate. Beautiful

vocals. Beautiful artist. Beautiful song. Perfect for a month filled with love and growth.


Here is the Spotify Link (check it out!): https://open.spotify.com/user/nvion1/playlist/5Bfi6NOwrrcwLBs00c1c24?si=t7UaSgr5RJaPohr1KZcU4A

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