Trumps Approval Rating At "All Time Low"

The new data comes days after Trump took aim at the polls, calling them "fake news" if they find that he or his policies are unpopular.

As soon as you thought Donald Trump’s approval ratings couldn’t get any worse, a new Gallup survey shows these historically low approval ratings falling to an even more extreme all-time low since he first took office only three short weeks ago. According to the Gallup poll, 53% of Americans think Mr. Wannabe King Midas is doing a pretty atrocious job as the 45th president of the United States.  

The news of the growing disapproval with Trump’s administration came days after he took to twitter to call out “fake news”, or in other words news sources that find his policies unpopular.

This comes as no surprise considering Trump’s presidency has been nothing but a trainwreck- between threatening allies with military action to creating chaos in America’s airports, not to mention nominating ridiculously under-qualified cabinet members and throwing a historical amount of Twitter tirades- makes it no shocker that his approval ratings are continuing to fall to all time lows.

His approval ratings are so low that even Justin Trudeau has criticized the president’s handshake. The new ‘Hottest World Leader’, aka Justin Trudeau, was governmentally forced to spend some quality time with the 70-Year-Old Rhinoceros In A Toupee. PM Trudeau was the first leader to have a non awkward, semi-average handshake with The Big Cheeto. Perhaps what they say is true, hot really can do just about anything.