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Name: Tom B

Year: Freshman

Major: Engineering of some sort

Hometown: Ronkonkoma, NY

Hobbies: I basically just watch movies around the clock until my eyes hurt, then I get a new glasses prescription, read some classic literature for about a month, write some music the month after that, and then repeat that cycle. Also riding bikes is pretty fun when it’s warm out.

Favorite Binghamton Memory: I have amnesia. Do I go to Binghamton? Interesting. For real though, I’d have to say the first time I took a bite of Sodexo pizza really secured this school a special place in my heart. It was like I simultaneously realized that all the troubles of high school were gone and that I finally had a new home away from home. For real for real though, I guess my first week here was the best, because it’s when I met all the friends I have now, which is cheesy as hell, but it meant a lot to me because my grandfather had just died on move-in day, and meeting/hanging out with new people really helped to take my mind off of it. So yeah, retrospectively, that’s the best memory yet.

Personal Superpower: Well this morning I ate a bowl of nails for breakfast… without any milk. Nah, but I guess I’m a decent artist in a few different fields. I once drew a picture of Bryan Cranston’s face, and it got like 30 likes on Instagram. Try not to be too impressed.

Go-To Outfit/Accessory: Big fan of the flannel/sweater combo, but a clever or ironic graphic tee is never a bad idea. I’ve heard that bow ties are cool, too.

Musical Inspiration(s): If this means music that inspires me to get work done, I’d go with any folk or bluegrass album, like The Goat Rodeo Sessions, Babel, or the soundtrack to Inside Llewyn Davis. If this means music that inspires me to write other music, probably anything written by Hans Zimmer for a Christopher Nolan movie mixed with anything by 65DaysOfStatic. If this means music that inspires me to feel awesome, anything off 11:11 by Rodrigo y Gabriela, Digital Veil by The Human Abstract, or Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd gets the job done pretty well.

Idea of a Perfect Date: That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th, because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. All you need is a light jacket. Actually though, I guess it depends on the time of year. Over the summer, outdoor stuff is cool, like going to the beach or hiking, all the cliché stuff like that. I straight up despise the cold though, so wintertime is indoor time, watching movies, listening to music, all the “lazy” things.

Celeb Crush: I’m not really one for this type of thing… I’ll just go with the traditional Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson cop out.

First Thing You Notice About a Girl: I’ve never really thought about it, but I guess just whether or not she’s being herself. People who are comfortable being themselves in any social situation are super rad.

#1 Relationship Deal-Breaker: One of my exes tried to plan our wedding about 2 months into the relationship, so I’d say steer clear of that type of stuff. Unless you’re looking for someone who likes that level of commitment. In which case, keep doin’ you, but that someone isn’t me.

Easiest Way to Win My Heart: Just know a bunch of non sequitur information about useless topics, but not the same topics that I’m versed in because then our conversations would just be a bunch of “preaching to the choir” trivia sessions, which I would guess get old pretty quick. I also accept Doritos.

Life Philosophy: I’ve heard from a certain hashtag that you only live once. Which I’m pretty sure is true. I also think the line between cynicism and realism was drawn by wannabe optimists, and that the world really is a pretty negative place macroscopically, but there’s still cool stuff to do in life. I think it’s best to not have opinions that prevent other people from having opinions, and opinions should be formed from a mixture of fact and experience, not tradition and interpretation. I probably think other stuff too, but it doesn’t really matter. Basically, I want everyone to be a decent person because the quality of living would skyrocket, but I know that’s not feasible so I’m apathetic, because #yolo.

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