Things That Changed the Way I Look at Life || Mary Lambert - Body Love

I've decided to start blogging about things that have changed the way I view life. With the end of my time at Binghamton University approaching with every passing day, I've started to think about graduation, about what I'm going to do afterwards and I have to admit, life is sort of terrifying that way. For my New Year's Resolution, I decided to redesign myself, be a stronger, more dignified version of myself, but I realize that I still need to draw strength from others in order to be that woman. So this blog will be about things that have started to change the way that I present myself and the way I look at life. Maybe one of these videos, images and whatever else will help to form another collegiette's views.

Today's video came to me about a month after taking Jennifer Wegmann's Love Thyself (an amazing course and an even more awesome teacher). After taking her course,  you start to realize just how the world tries to get you to present yourself. In a world where girls are told that we need to lose weight, we need to wear tiny dresses and make up not for ourselves, but for others, we need to take a moment to step back and realize that the bodies we were given are beautiful. Are worthy. It's a journey you have to go on yourself and, if you get the chance to take Love Thyself, hopefully that can be the first step in your own journey. But I think that in a world where its hard to realize that truth, Mary Lambert is another strong woman who has taken what bothers all girls and put it out there for us all to hear.

So take a moment, and check out her youtube video because it's one of those videos that I have to watch every few days to remind myself that it's not what matters on the outside, how I'm percieved that matters, but that it's how I want to view myself. It's time for us to reclaim our bodies.

I could talk about this video for hours, but I figured the video could talk for itself, it's that strong and I hope that even one person will be affected by this video.