Spring Break's Over, Now What?


Unfortunately, we only had one break this entire semester and after what seemed like an all-too-short Spring Break where most of us just went home and ate gorged out on mom’s (or dad’s) cooking for the past week, we’re back to the same old drudgery. But we have to have things to look forward to! And of course we do!

The second half of Spring semester might be the better one. The events before break are all cold and snowy and dreary but now we’re going to be getting sun every now and again. We’ve got some other great events to look forward to!

1. Spring Fling

Sure, we may have Yellowcard and we may not really remember anything they’ve done since “Ocean Avenue”, but after listening to last year’s album on Southern Air on Spotify, it sounds like they’re pretty much doing the same sort of thing since their 2003 album Ocean Avenue rocketed them into our middle schooler hearts. But even that tiny setback isn’t going to put a damper on the fun that Bing has during Spring Fling. Hey, we ended up on a list of the best Spring Flings across the country, so we might as well take advantage of all of the carnival games and food and screw the music. We’re not gonna let this ruin our party!

2. Bartle Rave

When Bartle Library is filled to the brim with people at various points in the “I’m ‘studying’” process, is when suddenly the place changes from your normal, quiet study place, too a full-on 15 minute rave. As a freshman, it’s one of those things that always catches you off guard because it’s one of those things that doesn’t get around campus all that well because, frankly, we just kind of take it for granted. But it’s worth it. It’s something to cheer up finals week.

3. Bar Crawl

The Senior’s last hurrah! We’re all over 21, done with exams and about to graduate and the only thing we can think about now is getting wasted. It’s when friends stay around after exams and alums even make the trip back to Bing to take part in their friend’s last night of getting drunk in downtown Binghamton before their families come and they have to act the part of the ‘responsible child’.

So don’t get so upset that we all had to make this trip back to Binghamton after maybe a few days of sunlight. We’ll get through this second half of the semester and once you can count the days to Spring Fling on your hands, you know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


What are your favorite spring semester events? Let us know!