Snapchat Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Snapchat

DO: Send imperfect/unflattering photos. Your friends couldn’t care less whether or not your double chins are showing. We all have them at some angle. Don’t take yourself too seriously and just have fun with it. Give your Snapchat buds a good laugh (but beware of screenshots).

DON’T: Do not be that person with a 400 second story because you went out that night. No one cares that you can drink out of red solo cups and sing obnoxiously loud. Anyone else can do it too. Just don’t.

DO: If you’ve found a good sale/deal while out shopping, SEND YA GIRLS A SNAP. I’m 100% positive that everyone you send that to would appreciate your kindness and caring for their affordable closets. It’s common courtesy.

DON’T: When you’re at a fancy restaurant or anywhere with reasonably good looking food, DO NOT SNAP IT unless you plan on giving your friends part of that meal. It’s just cruel.

DO: If you catch that guy singing Britney Spears on the way to class, hit your record button and entertain your friends! You were in the right place at the right time, so share that hilarious moment. It’ll brighten at least one person’s day.