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My Favorite Binghamton Memories- a Junior’s Perspective

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Binghamton chapter.

With one year to go, it’s about time I look back on my time here at Binghamton University and make sure I do the things I’ve yet to accomplish. I am always astounded when I hear seniors say they have never been in the Nature Preserve, checked out the Art Gallery, been to Lost Dog Cafe, or taken a Vaughan class. There are some things that every student must experience (luckily I can cross all those things off my list). Whether you’re running out of time like me or just beginning your journey, here are a few of my favorite memories of my time here at old BU. I hope they inspire you to get out there and make your own memories!

1. First Weekend Freshman Year: Like every student, my first weekend was full of drama and heavy adjusting; however, on Saturday night (when I wasn’t planning on going out…) a bunch of freshman from the Binghamton University Scholars Program came to my room saying they were collecting other scholars to get to know each other. That night, we simply walked around like typical freshmen going from door to door introducing ourselves and eventually settling down to play a huge game of Apples to Apples. We learned names by associating people with food they were eating, clothes they were wearing, or any other stupid nuances we could think of. After a few nights of frat parties and culture shock, it was really nice to be spontaneous and silly with the people I’d be working with for the next four years of my life. To this day, I am very close with many of them and am proud to say I will be living with “Popcorn-Sarah” next year.

2. President Obama’s Visit: So as many of you know, President Obama visited Binghamton last fall. I was lucky enough to work as a volunteer and be able to sit behind him throughout the talk (I’m the girl in pink in the front row right!). Republican or democrat, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear the current President of our country speak to college students about college issues. I even shook his hand! I’m glad I now have a cool story to tell my grandkids.


3. Binghamton University Glee Club: Also going back to freshman year, I remember walking with a friend and seeing a sign about a GIM for the BU Glee Club. After dabbling in a capella and feeling like it wasn’t a good fit for me, I figured I’d try something new. Little did I know, I was walking into the meeting that would define my extra curriculars in college and introduce me to the most awesome people I could ask for. That semester, I helped charter the club and have been a founding member and the musical director ever since! I shamelessly plug the club everywhere I go and have thus gotten so many of my other friends to become involved. It is a place I can truly be my goofy self and get in touch with my love for music and performing. From our very first 5-song semester show, to performing at Spring Fling, to singing the National Anthem at basketball and BU Mets games, to winning $6,666.00 in a contest, I can honestly say that this club has provided me the memories I know will last me a lifetime. Shout out to the club, can’t wait for our semester show on March 30th! ;)


4. Mainstage Musicals: Another memory that really stands out for me is my involvement in the mainstage musicals. I have played piano for the pit of Hairspray and Rent, and can honestly say they have been life-changing experiences. While I’ve been playing the piano for 16 years now, I stopped lessons upon entering college. I was very nervous to audition, as I have never done anything other than solo work (my fellow musicians know how different solo and accomponist work are). I will say that I have never worked harder for something in my life, as practicing took hours each day; however, the experience was so rewarding and allowed me to prove to myself that with hard work and perserverence, I can do whatever I put my mind to, and for that I am so grateful. To make it even better, these two particular shows were wonderfully diverse, fun, and captivating in every way.


While it was hard to pick just a handful of memories, looking back reminds me of just how much I love this school. It also reminds me that even though new places can be scary, if you go in with an open mind and a smile on your face, you can experience some pretty wonderful things. With my 21st birthday next weekend, I’m sure I will have tons of new memories to add to the list (…if I can remember them, that is!).

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